Thursday, April 19, 2007


How neglected my blog has been lately! I really need to stop lagging. I will. :)

Okay so my little trip to the aquarium was bogus! There were more people than Disneyland!!!! I swear I don't think it's legal to have that many people all cooped up in on small aquarium. Ugh! I was pretty bummed about it too. I didn't get to mess with my camera or take pictures! All I could do was worry about keeping Timmy's hand so he wouldn't get trampled. And I was impressed by rudeness of many many people. Stepping on my feet, walking in front of me, cutting in lines, pushing, and then there was this one guy who totally shoved himself right directly in front of us while we were looking in a tank. Grrrrrrrrr. I felt like I was in elementary school again. So yeah me no happy camper that day.

I did make it to the beach, but only for about an hour. It was gorgeous, but it was windy and cold. Brrrrrr We didn't even take the tri-peezey or the lens down. :( So I'll share the ONE picture that I liked. And yeah... NO. We didn't take group pix. :( I am so going back to the beach next month! LOL I wanna go for a whole week and just sit out there every day all day!


Okay enough of the exclamation marks already. Geeze.

So besides the lame trip we have been really enjoying some great weather here in Central Cali. Been rollerblading every morning and taking Timmy to the park and just loving the sun and cool breeze. Gotta go get a kite today. It is SO kite weather right now. Mmmmmmm

Now then scrappy stuff... Lets see. Not much scrap been going on lately. You know when you get in that mood... That one where you feel like your work is never gonna go anywhere? You know that little feeling that sidetracks you from doing what you love for all the wrong reasons? Yeah well that little bug caught me recently. I know that I scrapbook because I freaking LOVE it, but I wish somebody else would love it too... You know like a manufacturer or a Magazine. LOL It just bums me out sometimes and kills my mojo. I know that's totally wrong, but it does. So this week I am trying to come out of that. Amber did a foto swap with me and her pic.s sparked my mojo. I loved scrapping her cute face. Infact I loved it so much I did two pages. LOL Lucky Amber. ;)

Anyways I know this post sucks, but yeah I least I blogged and now you know what's going on in Mara-land. NOTHING. lol Oh and btw it's Mare-uhhh. Just thought you should know so you aren't walking around saying Mara-May the wrong way. Cause you know you walk around all day saying my name. Pssshaaaaaaaw. Teeheehee.

Okay better blogging later, just wanted the bloggin fairies to know I am alive.

P.S. Some people owe me some pictures.... Ahem... TammyKay and Miss Vee!!!


Vee said...

hate mean people too and esp. around children!!
love love that pic of you!!
I want that one! and I will have to take a new of me to send to you :)
so so psychhhhhed :)
love the beach and can't wait to go on my vaca:)
I so know what you mean about the sub stuff
can be a real downer for sure!
kiss kiss
you are phenominal!!

*~*Amber*~* said...

girl, i totally love these.. u are just so sweet to do too! Im crackin ur's out this weekend!
ANd... the aquarium. totally understand. it's the same way here. and i love that pic. just gorg!!! xoxo

tammy kay said...

okay babe. I will work on something in the next few days. I gotta make myself look at cute and stuff.
I love the pic of you. You are such a babe!

Lucky Amber. Girl you rocked those pages.

ms318i said...

love that photo of you...............totally hot !!!!!!!

bummer about the aquarium.......

p.s do you still have your post box? wink wink

sohpiasmom said...

The photo of you is just beautiful!! And those layout you did with Amber's pics...soooo cute!! You really know how to scrap!

Happay said...

awesome picture!
did you get my e-mail - u have been appreciated, recently :)

Josh said...

Love the LO's of Amber. They look great and really capture who she is!

Great job!

Come check my LO's....yep that's what I said.


Baba said...

Superbe ces deux pages!!!Et toutes ces fleurs rendent cette page superbement belle!!!