Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Here....

I have been sucha naughty blogger lately. :( Ugh. I hate not keeping my blog updated. :P

I have been busy with the holiday and all. I took lots of Easter fotos and have lots of editing to do! LOL I have so many fotos to look at and just share and all that good stuff. BUT. It takes time. AND. I don't have any to spare right now. :( LOL

Anyways... My anniversary was on the 9Th!!! YAY!!! Tim and I have been married for 7 short years. I don't know where all that time has gone. I do know we are happy and there couldn't be a better couple. LOL ;) We spent the whole day together. We even went to the park and did a foto shoot. I used the tripod and well even though we took like 100 pix only a few came out good. Blah. HaHaHa all that maters is we had a good time. It was so nice to just be with him. I cherish these times. I LOVE him sooo much and he is sooo good to me. I am honestly so lucky to have him. And I thank God for keeping us together and giving me sucha wonderful self-less man. I love you baby!!! Muuuaaaahhhhh.

Okay okay enough mushy mushy stuff here are a couple of the pictures. Just one of us and one of him in two separate versions. Don't mind me lookin' all chubby I dunno what's up with that. LMBO

Now for my latest scrapings... It hasn't been much, but I did get my Tickled Pink Kit the other day and had to play. So here are a few...

From my Kit

Did a contest at Scrapbook Goddess and totally won a $15 GC. YAY!!!

Made a card outta the scraps.

So I have to do a shout out to muh girl Adrienne Looman for making the ScrapInStyleTV DT!!! I am soooo happy for her. Totally deserved and so knew she would get it! I know this is a little late, but totally had to give her props for it! You rock Sista!!! LOL Loves ya mucho!!!!

Alright now then... I am headed out to Monterey Bay tomorrow. We are taking Timmy to the aquarium there and plan to spend a day on the beach. So I must get to packing. I hope to take a lot of amazing fotos and learn some new techniques with my cam. I will be taking full advantage of this time at the beach as we NEVER go. Yup tripod and all. LOL

I will have lots to share so be back soon.

P.S. Amber I can't wait to play with your pix. You are sucha a freaking hottie! Whoohoo. LOL



*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl, ur sucha trip!! Happy Anni!! For sure.. 7 years!!! Awesome!! I love photoshoots!!! Hubby=HOTTIE!!! love the shots for real!!! And... i know...So proud of A for making the SIS DT... and girl... u are so sweet for calling me a HOTTIE!! Ur the hottie... Miss Perfect Eyebrows!!! So envious!!! xoxo Send me some pics for me to play with girl!!! xoxo

Vee said...

happy anni girlie!!
awesome pics of you guys, beautiful couple for sure :)
i want in on the photo swap :) :)
chicas :)

Josh said...

Hey girl.....

Great pics and works! I posted a new blog to your reply on the look alikes...check it plus the link I left...think you will get a kick out of it...glad to see ya back on the blog thing!


amberley said...

Lovin' those layouts! And gorgeous pics!

Laurie said...

dude! love the pics! you guys are too cute! i still have some printed of you guys! happy anniversary girl! hope you have many more years of love and junk!

can't wait to see the beach pics too!

tammy kay said...

Happy Late Anniversary girl. Andrew and I have been married seven as well. It goes by fast!
I love the pics. You are soo gorgeous.
I love the layouts. The second is just my fav. The colors make me happy. Awesome card.
Be good.

Adrienne said...

dude I swear that I am not ignoring you hahah. I have to leave comments to your blog at work cuz it takes too long for the page to show up at home (weird). anyways, thanks for all the nice and super funny comments on my blog :) you rawk--oh and thanks for the mega shout out! Its going to be a blast to see it live next month :):):):)

adrienne said...

oh and ps---gracious girl!!!! you are flippin CUTE! and your pages--ok if there was ever a page I wanted to totally eat it would would be that one hah. :)

Vivi said...

You made my day!!
Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog :)

ms318i said...

yes you have been a naughty blogger.........cheeky girl.....but your awesome pics and layouts forgive you lol

happy anniversary sweetie

sohpiasmom said...

Oh...these pics are so cool! LOVE two are such a sweet couple! Happy belated anniversary :)

tammy kay said...

okay honey. where are you? gettin' a weeee bit worried about you. It's the mommy talkin' Hope things are okay. Come back.

Missin' you