Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well I'm back.

Actually I've been back since Friday night. :) HeeHee
I've been relaxing here the last few day. After we got back there was all the cleaning to do as far as putting everything away and washing all of our clothes and just putting all the other crap away. So that had me tired. LOL

Anyways Palm Springs was as beautiful as ever. We had a wonderful stay. Brought back so many memories. I lived there from 1999-2001. We loved it! I got married there and had Timmy there. :) I kinda miss it now just being there those few days. Tim is always saying we should move back, but then I remember that summer it got to 123 Fahrenheit. NO THANK YOU! Visiting will do just fine. LOL

Alright now down to the fun stuff...

PICTURES!!!!!! And the crowd goes wild. LOL Just kidding. Okay so here they are.... This is gonna take a while. Enjoy...

This was on our drive to Universal.

For Tammy Kay. The RAK of goodness.

Isn't this so RAD!!! I thought it was so inspiring.

This is all I get now when I want to take pictures of Timmy. Even on Vaca.

He got his face painted like Wolverine. Coolness. :)

Look a little closer... These are BOY babies. LMBO

Palm Trees and Shopping that's what you do in Palm Springs. HeeHee

I've been into the whole felt craze too lately. Made this for my IPod Tim bought me for my birthday. :) Cute huh? Gonna make more too. YAY.

Made this for Tammy Kay and am in the process of making a double one to hang on the mirror in my car. Like dice, you know?

And of course a little monster. :)

Well that's all for now peeps. Gotta get to my moms fer some dinner. Mmmm BBQ. I love my mom's food.

Love ya all laters!!!


Regina M. said...

I am impressed. Your photography is stunning.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Vee said...

love the photos and your hand made goodies
girl you rock!!
love the colors
Timmy is so cute and photogenic :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl... the fotos are rad... colors are just amazing! I love love the felt goodies. I want... that monster... How cute is he?!!?or her?!?!
Love love! xoxo sending you those pics tonight... promise!

flyingmichelle said...

what eye candy you blog is.
so glad i found it.
must say you are rocking that felt too.
may need to make myself an ipod cover too..fun fun!

tammy kay said...

oh my goodness. Look at my goodies. I mean look at my goodies. "My Goodies, My Goodies, are not your goodies." Okay I will stop now. Oh I am soooo excited.
I love the pictures.
I love the naked babies. That doesn't sound right. LOL. I love the naked dolls, they are kinda freaky though. LOL
I am so excited girl, You have no idea. Okay. did I say how excited I am yet. Love you.

~ms318i~ said...

awesome pics mara...........timmy looks so cute !

those boy dolls are cute too !

hey tammy-kay..............love your goodies !!!!!!

Julie said...

Awesome photos. You are so talented. I too love the naked babies....lol. Did you make that little monster too? He is quite cute:)

Josh said...

Love the pics.....what kind of camera do you use?

P.S......go check out spiderman on my site and let me know what ya think.......glad you had a good trip.....got a friend going to palm springs....but for military training....yuck!!!!


adrienne l said...

those pictures are way cool girl! I specially love that madussa car weirdo lady one haha. I LOVE YOUR MONSTER!!! I think I'm going to play around with some felt stuff too...make me some monsters to hang around my house. I think they are so cool!

Laurie said...

hey girl!lovin those pics! awsome tree pics!! timmy is such a cutie pie!!!

sohpiasmom said...

I totally got all my goodies today...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you so much...what a fun and awesome kit! Can't wait to start scrappin' with all this fun stuff :)