Sunday, April 22, 2007

20 Things

You may not know about me. (this is for a random post. LOL)

1. My only sibling are 4 brothers

2. I am the youngest of them all

3. I have never dyed my hair

4. Keanu Reeves i my all time favorite actor.

5. I love chocolate (preferably dark)

6. I have super chubby hands

7. I think I'm too fat to dress cute

8. I am obsessed with my eyebrows (ok you may already know

9. I don't have a middle name

10. I've never had a lick of alcohol in my life

11. I say freakin' a lot

12. I got preggo when I was 17

13. Married at 18

14. You can tell me a secret and I will NEVER tell

15. I love going to the theatre

16. I hate snobby people (you know the type of peeps you smile at and they just look at you. Fires me up!)

17. Penguins and Bunny rabbits have been my favorite animals since 4ever :)

18. I have a sock fetish

19. I wish I could sew (everything)

20. I think this was a dumb idea. LMBO

So yeah just wanted to post something today in efforts of my "no more blog lag". Kinda boring, but maybe you learned a few things about me you didn't know or a few things you didn't want to know. HaHaHa

Okay now here's a foto to liven things up. LOL

Now I'm gonna go scrapbook! YAY!!!!



Julie said...

Well I learned alot about you I didn't know. I am pretty crazy about eyebrows too. TFS

ms318i said...

thanx for sharing are never boring.........well except when i check the blog and you HAVEN'T written for like ages ! lol

that pic is adorable !

Vee said...

you are awesome girl!!
I love your list and honesty!
so scrumpcious
I am not feeling myself these days either but working onit
you are stella!!

tammy kay said...

sooooo sweet. You really are just too adorable.
Loved reading all these quirky little things about you.
Makes me smile.
Have fun scrapping.
Oh and I so have not forgot about our swap. Just a little longer. Kinda have too much on my plate the next couple of days.
I can't wait to scrapbook you though.
Hmmmmmm penguins and bunnies. THat could be interesting on a page. LOL

erin said...

I loved how honest you were... we actually have a few things in common! Have fun scrapping...

*~*Amber*~* said...

girl.. u are awesome. i love your candid honesty!! love that pic too... the colors and amazing... i must know HOW u get the colors like that!