Friday, January 05, 2007

Sooooo Cute...

Seriously am I bias?
When did my little baby grow up to be so freaking adorable!!
He's gorgeous! LOL

The other it was raining and he was dressed all cute and I was bummed cause there was no sun or anything. I decided to take pictures anyways. The pictures are ALL adorable, but the lighting is sooooo terrible.

First of all we were under fluorescent lights. So all the pic.s are yellow.


I had a heck of a time editing this one. So tell me what you think. And be honest.
I suck with P.S., so do you think it's too much? Still too yellow?
Okay well, all I wanted to do was show off my baby for a minute. I promise to be back with a NEW YEAR POST!


Happay said...

I think it's a fabulous picture! The color looks great!

Danielle said...

The photo is AWESOME!!!! Plus he'd look adorable in any color heehhehe :D

Sherri said...

Simply adorable! I like the coloring...looks more natural to me!

Vee said...

I think it is awesome as well!

OliviaDiane said...

Very cute boy. He must be about 6 years old. My boy who is six also has no front teeth.

~ms318i~ said...

yellow..............i didn't notice could you look past that gorgeous toothless smile !!!!!!!

we are all bias don't worry !