Thursday, January 11, 2007

O' Seven, huh?

Can you believe we are already into the second week of 2007? It's nuts. Plain madness I tell ya. Where did '06 go? {insert smiley with bugging out eyeballs-

So much happened and yet it seems there wasn't enough time for anything to happen. Yous till with me? LOL
I'm just wowed.

So anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope the beginning of everyone's year has started out awesomely (if that's even a word).

So to start this year out I have scrapbooked twice! And must say I am proud.... I am obsessed right now with outlining EVERYTHING! lol Colorful backgrounds are bringing smiles to my face. Funness of letter stamp and letter stickers. Epoxies are so groovy! And lot and lots of black as always!

Now then resolutions you say? Ha. Not a chance! No no no, not
this year baby. I decided not to set goals just to be disappointed. LMBO Seriously people.
Okay Okay. I can't help but to ponder on things I want to do this year. So without further adue or schmoo...

I decided I want to start rollerblading and biking again this year. I didn't do it enough last year, but when I did it was so rewarding and just rejuvenating. So a main goal this year is just simply to do it more. Not once a week... Not twice or trice a week.... JUST MORE! That's should make it easier right. Ha Ha Ha So far I haven't done it once. LAME!!!! Ha Ha Ha

Another is to get back to school. For reals this year. I want some fotography courses. :)

I wanna make a baby this year too. I tried all last year and well it didn't work. So this year I must make it a point to try with the doctor help. Even though I hate doctor visits.

One major thing I really need to start is a scheduele and keeping notes so I that I can keep track. I am really sucha scatterbrain.

Trying to keep it simple this year. I just want to live life and be happy. Me taking the time to enjoy the process of life. I want to spend more time with family this year. I want to take lots of fotos and scrapbook more! I want to fill my year with things that make me happy and things that make me grow as a person. I want to look back on this year with no regrets, just utter happiness, good memories, and accomplishments.

I pray you all accomplish your dreams and goals for this year and wish you all but the best.



Tammy Kay said...

ohhhhh how sweet. you sound like you are just such a sweetie. Lovin' the outlining. Been doin' that one lately as well. When I remember to.
Rollerblading. You go girl. I can only skate ( yes like roller skate) using one foot to move. The left foot stays planted on the floor. The right foot is the only one that moves. I am such a nerd!
Too funny about the m&m's. I wish that I would have that much discipline to not each all the candy. I would have to bite it in half and then there would be one for each cheek. I gotta try that one.

Vee said...

i lvoe your take on the new year!!
I hope you have fun making a new little one ;) I am so with you on doing more and I want to rollerblade too. Is it really like skating?

Jacqlyn said...

i hope all the wishes you have for this year come true. All you need to do is take some action and control.By the way your scap pages are great. oh by the there any chance you can try really hard to make that baby a girl? lol

lots of love


~ms318i~ said...

awesome pages mara as usual.................and you sound so happy already that this year will be the year for the new addition..........a little girl maybe or even another little handsome fella

fingers crossed for ya sweetie !

Lacey said...

This is great. Your work is very eye catching. You have a great style.
Happy New Year too you.

Celia said...

Dude, I keep trying to post and its not letting me!!! Maybe I'm not cool enough to post on your blog! ;)

Anyways--- your banner is so freakin awesome!!! Love all the pics and layouts!! You WOW me!

SSgtBullsGirl said...

I wish you the best of luck on all your adventures, and with many blessings along the way. Your Photos are looking great!
Le Anne

Sonia said...

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