Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh Happy Day.

Well I got 4 players. Yeehaw! LOL Thanks girls for playing! And uhhhhh sorry Heidi, I did wear gauchos. BUT they're jean! I guess they're more like Bermuda shorts just with wide legs. Don't get all scared, they're really cute! Heh. And Sorry Marina unfortunately I did have Mccy D's. LOL So I didn't scrapbook and I didn't check the mail. Ha Ha Ha And since there were only two right answers I'll send out two R.A.K.s. Soooo if Happay could e-mail me her addy and Lauren. And Lauren lemme know how you came up on my blog. I'd love to know. ;) If you two could also mention to me weather you'd like a set of homemade cards or just sb product. Thanks Chicas!!! Okay and now for the much awaited NEW hair cut photo...... It's really easy to manage. It's the shortest I've ever had it before and well I LOVE IT!!! And it looks sooo cute in a pony. YAY! One downside though,... It looks lame and HUGE when I do it curly. :( Oh well. I had her cut my bangs too, which are driving me cookoo. I can't wait for them to grow out. Geeze. I'm not sure I like this picture, but it was the best one of my new do so here she be. ----------------------------> Tell me whatcha think. So far today I clean up the house a bit and washed all I have left is laundry to fold, bathroom to be cleaned, and mop. Whoohoo. Sound like fun or what? Man I hate cleaning. HaHaHa Oh well somebody's gotta do it. Well I have decided it's time to learn how to REALLY use my Nikon. I am sick of using the lame auto modes. Well they're good just not what I want so today I study my manual and I have this Nikon book I am going to dig into. So hopefully this week I can learn something awesome. I want to take some pictures of my mom. And then later when I get better I wanna take pic.s of my Aunts. All of them! My mom has 6 sisters man. Heh. Crazy. And I have none. Go figure. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I scrapbooked yesterday. LOL Just something simple. I never do simple so had to try it. I love this picture of Timmy so wanted to keep it clean and clear to focus on it. Loving this paper by We Are Memory Keeper. Also hating doing 12x12 right now. I gotta make Timmy an 8x11 too. But hopes ya likes... Signing off now and just wanna add today is a good day. It's gorgeous lately, but then it gets into the 80's. Ahhhh summer. Where did spring go? LOL Right now I have all the windows opened and the ceiling fans on... Sooo refreshing. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Get outside today if you can. Take a walk. It's beautiful!


Happay said...

first off, love the new do

second, the LO rocks

third, not cards, anything but cards. I don't do cards - heh Sorry you didn't get more playas in your game. Maybe everyone was busy. I still worship the ground you scrap on ;)

Laurie said...

get out! love your new do dude!! really its sweet girl! just like you! that page of timmy!!! crazy bout that green too! so sorry i didnt get to play your game hon really...just crazy busy these days! i still pulse ya!

Rhena said...

I love your new "do."

You are too cute!!!!

Thanks for the email, I miss you a ton!!

Sam said...

What a great page of Timmy! <3 it!
Looking good yourself ;)

~ms318i~ said...

hey hot look super hot with the new do !!!!!!

and also loving that layout of timmy !!! what a cutie !

did ya have maccas today? lol