Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So Excited!!!!

Today I got the Memory Makers book I was published in. It's called Simply Graphic. This is the first time I have seen my work in a book! It's a page of Timmy too. So that's awesome!! Man does it feel good! Yay me!!!!!! So I'm all giddy now. LOL Now I can wait to get my magazine from Scrapbook Trends. I'll be in their July issue twice with a page of Timmy and a page of Chloe (Heidi's baby girl). I just love scrapping Chloe! She's too stinking cute! And then sometime in November another book I am featured in 3 times will be out! This is just too cool! I think I am gonna go submit some more pages today. Heh. Oh and if things couldn't get any better check out my fortune from last night's fortune cookie...Yeah Baby! LMBO Trust me it's a sign. ;-) Well at least I'd like to think it was. Ha Ha Ha


Heidi A said...

wow dude you're gonna be FAMOUS!!! lol I can't WAIT to see the scrapbook trends... I SOOO love the page of chloe... so freakin' cute!! All my aunts are excited and they dont even scrapbook!! lol I sure hope I can get a few copies around here!!!!!!!! wheeee!!!!!!!

I'm going to have to look for the memory makers book now.. I can't wait to see it!!!!! I can be all.. I KNOW HER!!!! I KNOW HER!!! and people will be like.. that chick is nuts... and I'll be like I KNOW!!! lol

~ms318i~ said...

oh i'll need a SIGNED copy of one of those ! lol

congrats .........you should have your own mag.........will you be in any of the pics?

submit one with a picture of yourself.........then we can say 'we know HER" !!!!!!!!!!

~Christina~ said...

Congrats!!!! Your work is absolutely amazing!