Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Hopefully all my fellow scrapper will get a chance to scrap today, including myself. But things aren't look to well for that. LOL Today started off well. Saturday mornings for us usually consist of Timmy waking us up and all three of us laying in bed playing around. Goofs. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. LOL Nobody got hurt this time though. Heh. Then we made breakfast. Mmmmmmm Ham and Cheese omelets, granny biscuits, fried taters, and some fresh o.j. Okay, okay maybe it wasn't fresh, but is sure was good. Hee Hee So now here I sit, (still in my pajamas b.t.w.) after cleaning our breakfast mess, BLOGGING. I wanted to wish everyone a great Saturday! Hoping to get some good sales at the LSS. Ya never can tell though. Hoping I'll find some time today to whip up a page during my FAVORITE holiday. Ha Ha Ha But if I don;t post one here is one I did Thursday for that contest at SG. It was to use inspiration outta the magazines we buy (put those mags to work). I scraplifted a page outta Creating Keepsakes April Issue. Here is Sharon Laakkonen's "Bliss" layout and my version of it, "Birthday Bliss". So in honor of National Scrapbooking Day I am going to offer up a scrapbooking Random Act of Kindness to my scrap-readers. All ya gotta do is tell me (in a comment) which of the following I did not do yesterday. Anyone can play. Even if I don't know ya. ;) All ya gotta be is a reader. heh. Tonight I will come back and see who has commented and whoever has the right answers I will put their names in a hat and draw a winner. Good Luck. And hopefully I can get some players this time. :D Hmmmmm What Did I NOT Do Yesterday?
  1. Go to Timmy's school
  2. Take pictures
  3. Grocery Shop
  4. Scrapbook
  5. Check the mail
  6. Make dinner
  7. Eat McDonald's
  8. Give somebody a hug
  9. Have an icecream
  10. Wear Gauchos
  11. Forget to wear my wedding ring
  12. Eat a bowl of cereal
  13. Have coffee
  14. Change purses
  15. Watch What Not To Wear


Happay said...

I'll say scrapbook ;)

Lauren said...

check the mail?

Heidi A said...

dude im gonna say you DIDNT wear gauchos.. cuz I'm hoping you didn't!!!!! First the leggings.. and now gauchos... geez man are you TRYING to kill me?!!!! :p

~ms318i~ said...

i'm going to go with 'eat mcdonalds' didn't eat it cause i ate it for ya ! lol

seriously....we had maccas yesterday !