Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Saturday!!!

Today has been a busy, busy day! I woke up this morning and actually made breakfast! Mmmmmm it was soooooo good too! :) No coffee though. I think I may be drinking too much lately because I have been getting the worst headaches. I figure it's from all that caffeine. Who knows? All I know is I didn't have coffee today and I didn't get a headache. LOL Maybe I'm just lame like that though! You just never can tell. heh So the day started off with shopping then came more shopping and then just a tad bit more shopping! Can you believe I waited till the last minute to get our Easter duds? Geeze what is wrong with me? I am stupid?!!!!! There were TONS of people out! I mean TONS. What a nightmare! I did however manage to pick up some really cute stuff. Dh got a suit. I bought the cutest white halter top dress with a brown ribbon that ties around it and I bought a little brown shrug to go over it for the morning service at church. Whoopieee!!! You don't understand how much I LOVE this dress though! I mean it's just waaaaay too cute!!!! I love it. I love it. I love it. Oh and I also got this super cute super comfy bag. Well its called a hobo bag. Hee Hee I'm a hobo. Mine is pink and purply though not green. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea to go back and get the green one. It's cute! I bought Timmy some slack pants and a blue dress shirt. Too cute. He is gonna look sooo handsome! I even bought him an outfit to wear later at the BBQ. ;) LOL So I had yummy In & Out for lunch. Why is it so dang good? And I can't help but get a double double! Man I am sucha freaking cow! Did I just really tell everybody I get a double double? *blushing* Ha Ha Ha Well YEAH I SO DO!!!! And if you don't then you SHOULD! It's good for the soul! Trust in Mara people. Trust. Oh yeah I scrapbooked yesterday like I said I would! It was fun. I did Effer Dare #23! I did a 5x7 photo on an 8x11 layout. Whew. I pulled it off well I think. Ha! So this is the first Dare I have done a page of! Last dare I did I made an journal. I dunno why I haven't done all of the dares. They all appeal to me. I guess I just get lazy. They issue like one dare a week. Crazy! I will probably do more as time goes by. I have been in sucha random scrapping mood. Like I just put out all the stuff I want to use on a page and then just slap it on weather it goes or not. LOL Ooooo and staples! I love my new stapler! It's just cool man! And I have had this love for polkie dots lately! I just want everything polkie dotted! LOL And the whole framing my pictures with sewing! Ahhh I just "heart" my sewing machine so much! And I can't get enough of those awesome white alphas Kim (zoomzoomzoom) RAK'ed me! Thanks soooo much Kim! Now just to find out where I can buy up more! Whoohooo. LOL Okay talking about all this stuff is making me wanna scrap now! Hmmmmmmm Wonder if I can fit a page into my schedule tonight. I still gotta get to the grocery store and the shoe store. Ha Ha Ha What am I thinking? Heh. Well maybe. ;) Anyways I hope everybody is having an AWESOME Saturday!!!!! Catch you all later!


Happay said...

I love the way you do pink and black. :) I've also been in a little bit of a funk on the scrapbooking. I gave it a rest last night but hope to have my game on tonight. :)

~Christina~ said...

Soooo loving that purse/bag!!!!