Friday, April 14, 2006

Hey Guys!

Good morning world! Well at least if you call waiting in the doctor's office for an 1 1/2 good, then yeah.... Good morning! LOL I guess it could have been worse. Had to take Timmy in for a test result on his throat. He has been a wee bit sick these last few days. Fever. Sore throat. Dry cough. Runny nose. Pretty much the whole bit! Poor guy. What's funny is I had my nephew (the older one in in the pic.) since Sunday and Timmy was perfectly fine the whole time. He only said his throat was 'starting' to hurt. But was never crying or anything, but he had all of those symptoms. He is sick that's for sure. But I am so glad it doesn't have him all gloomy. I feel so bad for my little man when he gets sicky. His little eyes look so sad. But he has been a real trooper. Played all week with his cousin, no problem. Crazy little booger. So yeah back to the throat test results... They weren't in yet. But he had to see a different Doc. and she said he most likey just has really big tonsils. Well YEAH! Why didn't they just ask me that? So they are a little swollen, but nothing to be worried about. She asked me if he snored, nope he don't. HaHa She said if he ever starts having trouble with snoring or breathing then they will have to remove his tonsils. But I doubt that'll happen. My dh has really large tonsils too. Never had them removed either. I know my Dad had his removed when he was little. :P So yeah, this is how I have started my day off. Heh. So I will probably get some scrapping done today. Yay! I have had this picture of me sitting on this piece of p.p. for the whole week and well I think it's about time I got started on it! ;) I did this digi page a few days ago. ----------------> Made some brushes with a font. LOL And then made my own papers! It was fun And I really like the way they turned out. I tried to make them look distressed. It was hard. I need more practice. Ha Ha Anyways then I just used Rhonna Farrer Brushes on the corners. Love her stuff! Yeah and I have 7 loads of laundry to fold! YUCK! I hate laundry! But at least everything else is cleaned! :) Ahhhh I just love it when the house is cleaned! Helps me scrap better, cause then I don't to worry about it. Hee Hee Timmy has been outta school this whole week for Spring Break. He goes back on Tuesday and they start S.A.T.s. It's been nice having him home. Especially glad he didn't have to miss any school with being sick and all. Were gonna go to the park today, but now it looks like it's gonna rain! Fooey on the rain for running our Park Day!!! So not much ash been going on around here, just the usual! Nothing exciting cept that I bought me and icecream cake yesterday! Ha Ha Ha Figures that food would be the highlight of my week! LMBO What a losah. Anyways anybody know when Heidi will be back? I miss her tons and tons! Like seriously! I hope her sister is ok! I have been praying for her. I hope the baby is ok! And Heidi if you read this .. Hang in there Hun! I know it must be hard. I miss you girl! Loves ya! {{{{Hugz}}}}

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