Monday, April 17, 2006


So how was everyone's Easter? I had a fabulous Easter this year! It was so much fun. Started out with morning service. They had a last supper drama. It was awesome. From the church we went to the park to take a few pictures. So here we are in our Easter dud's. LOL That's the cute dress I was dying over, but in the picture it doesn't look so cute. As a matter of fact neither do I. Why am I posting this picture here? LOL Guess I'm just nuts! Anyways it's really cute without the little shrug but it was freezing and windy! So I left it on. It's a cute little halter top dress. Very Spring/Summerish. I was soooo surprised at how Tim actually let me take more than three shots of us. But of course something had to interfere with my wonderful photo shoot, TIMMY HAD TO GO PEE!!!! Little brat I should have known! So we packed up and left because the bathroom is clear across the park. No way would they wanna go back an wait for me to set up again. Plus like I said a minute ago.... It Was WINDY! So yeah bummer for me when I say this was one of the best shots we got. But notice how our feet are cut off?! What's up with that?!!! I am sucha dork. Anyways when we left the park we came home and Timmy and I dyed eggs. Only I didn't have any vinegar, soooooo the dye wasn't very bold if you could even see it at all. So I busted out my acrylic paints! Hee Hee. They came out nice too! But sorry no pictures. :( I know I know Looozzzzer! So then when we were done with the eggs back to the park we went and had a BBQ. Yum! Steve and Paloma met us there (just some friends) and the kids (Timmy's best friends). Timmy had a blast. We took his bike so he was all over that park. LOL We did the egg hunt after the BBQ it was so cute. Timmy was all running everywhere. We did money eggs and Timmy found two. I think there we like ten between 5 kids so he did pretty good. I am so glad we did it at the park this year my son son had so much fun. I am pretty sure we will have it at the park every year from now on. I just loved it! So relaxing! So when we finally came home it was around 5. We left the park because it started raining. :( Which really sucked! But it was great while it lasted. heh Anyways when we got here I crashed out on my fluffy bed. LOL For about an hour. Whoohoo Then I woke up and Tim's sister called, said she was coming over. So Her and Arnold came with the boys A.J. and Jordan. Man those kids are just too stinking cute! And such little stinking brats! ;-) Hee hee They stayed until Midnight! Holy Moly people! LMBO It was really nice having them over though. We never get to see them. And the boys are getting so big, well not A.J. That kid never grows. He just talks too much! HaHa Cutie! So there you have it my Easter on a blog. It was really great! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

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