Monday, February 28, 2011

Over the Moon and Beside Myself

I just cannot stop pinching myself. Is it true.... Were the Doctor's words really, "It's A Girl"?! I am completely over the moon and totally beside myself. I just cannot believe this dream is coming true. I was so afraid that I would only have one child, not that he wouldn't be enough, but I wanted him to have siblings. I wanted the big happy family. And here I am on my third child and It's A Girl!!! I am smitten. I am blessed beyond measure. My creator is allowing me a dream come true. I will share a relationship with my own daughter like the relationship I have with my mother. My heart is filled with joy and my womb filled with glorious tiny little girl kicks and twitches.
After my ultrasound I went straight to the baby store and purchased clothes in pinks and purples. All of my dreams are overflowing with soft pinks and precious baby things. I swoon with delight at the very thought of bathing her in all the beautiful things one can buy.
Its true that I can't stop looking at all the lovely handmade things on Etsy. It is also true that I would love to buy all of these things. HeeHeeHee But then I'd need to get a job. So for now I will continue to window shop. *wink*
And just for fun here is a treasury I created a bit ago. It's titled "She's On Her Way".
If you have a moment stop over at London Tierney's Blog. I guest designed with some of her incredible buttons. :)
Thanks for stopping by. So Glad you did.


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS girl!! You will truly enjoy your girl!!!

Malin said...

Congrats to the little Girl in your belly!!!! Being pregnent is such a blessing! I only have 50 fays to go to see whats hiding inside my belly ;)
Take care Lots of hugs Malin

pj said...

OMG!! congrats on the upcoming arrival of a baby girl!!! i myself was the opposite ... i had 2 sweet girls and then my little prince was born! 3rd time was the charm :) have fun shopping for all things girly!!!

Veronica Milan said...

I of all people...feel your excitement!!!!

I'm in your boat. 2 boys and 1 SPOILED little girl on her way!

eeeek! :)

Ania said...

Such delightful news, BIG congratulations and best wishes for the remainder (sp?) of your pregancy!

Anonymous said...

So very excited for your new addition! Lucky lil girl to have such a stylish mom.

Carolyn said...

Congrats! You are so lucky to have a baby girl.

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