Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year and Etsy.

Hello again everyone.
What a wonderful start to the new year we have had around here. I hope everyones year is starting out wonderfully. Twenty Twelve has such a nice ring to it. :)
I just wanted to pop in and say hello and let everyone know I have scrapbooking kits up for sale in my etsy along with a brand new Valentine's Day garland on SALE and FREE SHIPPING for US customers only and reduced shipping for international customers. So go have a look and hopefully you'll see something there you have to order. ;)
And a little share here are my kiddos in our Christmas photos...
My little Penelope is getting so big. She's such a doll and all of us around here love her to bits. :) She's definitely my biggest fastest growing baby. She's already wearing a 12 months and she just turned 6 months yesterday. HaHa She's definitely a chubby baby. Mommy can't get enough of her. I hope that explains my blog absence. ;)
Here's a photo I took of her yesterday.
We pierced her ears at three months and just changed the cz studs a few days ago to pearls. Finally! Originally I wanted pearl studs, but they weren't a piercing option.
Anywho I'm off to go snuggle. Catch you all later.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Baby Shower Share

Well I'm finally going to share some photos from my baby shower.
Let me just say I found tons of inspiration on the internet and I will do my best to share where I found it. :)
My best friend and my cousin helped me out so much making all the stuff to decorate. We put a lot of work into my shower. Lots of late nights and fun girl time. We really had a blast and in the end it paid off. Everyone had such a good time at the get together and everyone was very impressed at all the work that went into it. I was just happy the day finally came and I actually had time to get ready. *laugh
So when I found out I was having a girl I started planning the shower straight away. Since I'm not real big on themes I just based it aroundcolorsand vintage stuff and birds got thrown in there too, of course. ;)
I tried my hand at invitations and I think they came out pretty cute. :) I filled in personal info with white. :) Used Rhonna brushes from Two Peas In A Bucket.
One day while I was web browsing scrapbooking blogs I came across this color palette at the Pink Paislee Blog.
Gorgeous right? As soon as this caught my eye I knew I wanted to do my shower in these colors and have lots of tissue pom poms. Here are the photos...
I purchased the chinese lanterns at Asian Imports for a really cheap price.Lots of great colors to choose from and all sorts of sizes too. We had homemade lemonade and delicious sweet tea. Served in ball jars with pink striped straws purchased at Hey YoYo. Lots of desserts at the dessert table. Homemade cupcakes, cake, cakepops, sugar cookies, and lots of pink candy. I had found a tutorial on youtube to make the buttercream rose cupcakes, but now I can't find it to share. :( Let me just say it's a lot harder than it looks and your hand will definitely be aching after some forty cupcakes later. HaHaHa But I thought we did a fairly nice job for our first time.
And I HAD to try this ruffle tower cake for my cake. And the inside was Neapolitan. Too bad I didn't get a photo after they cut it, it looked so pretty. BTW the cake was sooooo delicious. Yum. I wish I had a piece right now. HaHa I got inspiration to do the cake bunting from the fabulous Green Vintage Limited on Etsy.
I made lots of banners. One said "Hooray for Little Girls", another said "She Will Be Loved", and I made an alphabet one with the playing cards from My Mind's Eye. I also made doily garlands, paper garlands like the ones in my etsy, I made a bunting based off of inspiration from these gorgeous buntings on etsy, also made a garland just like this beautiful one Linda made. We had lots of beautiful roses and carnations mixed in all sorts of different vintage jars and vases. I had framed some pretty cool pieces from Doll Face Designs on Etsy also had some vintage paintings around as well and I didn't catch a photo, but I purchased 36" balloons from the Balloon Warehouse. I thought the price was fare and I loved them! I will definitely be ordering from them again and again. I was so busy I didn't get very many pictures. Really disappointed about it now. There was so much stuff and detail I should have made time to take better photos. :(
Well that's all from my shower. I had sucha a good time and so did everyone who joined us. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope to be back again soon.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're Back...

And with our newest addition to our family. Let me tell you she is the perfect fit. We adore her. She is so perfect for us. We could not be more blessed.
I, of course, have my hands full right now. Trying to adjust to being a sahm to three. Trying to figure out a routine. Trying to make it day by day. :) I'll figure it out soon. But for now I'll be scarce around here, as per usual. ;)
Thanks for stopping by if you still come to this desolate place.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost That Time...

Here I am with 15 days left and an OB app tomorrow. So excited to see if I'm progressing any at all. :) I cannot wait to meet my little girl. I hope to update the blog a few more times before I have her. I know I've been so bad at blogging durning this whole pregnancy, but I sure hope I still have a few readers. ;)
Not much scrapbooking going on over here. I have done tons of crafts though. I created a ton of decor for my baby shower that we had in April. I plan to share some pictures of it on here next. :) I also made a quilt for my little chickadee. And the bumper for her cradle. I LOVED the sewing and I plan to make a whole set for her crib too. It's so nice to be able to pick exactly what you want. Ill have to get pictures of the cradle soon and share them. I didn't go by a template or anything so you can definitely tell its my first quilt. HaHa But I love it with it's uniqueness and flaws. ;)
Anywho just wanted to get on here for a bit to say hello to the blogosphere and let you know we're so anxious to see our new little bundle of joy when she arrives.
Here are some of my photos from my maternity shoot.... Thanks so much if you've taken the time to stop by this old cobwebbed blog. I certainly miss it here. Hope to be back again very soon with more pictures and update on when little miss will be here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Over the Moon and Beside Myself

I just cannot stop pinching myself. Is it true.... Were the Doctor's words really, "It's A Girl"?! I am completely over the moon and totally beside myself. I just cannot believe this dream is coming true. I was so afraid that I would only have one child, not that he wouldn't be enough, but I wanted him to have siblings. I wanted the big happy family. And here I am on my third child and It's A Girl!!! I am smitten. I am blessed beyond measure. My creator is allowing me a dream come true. I will share a relationship with my own daughter like the relationship I have with my mother. My heart is filled with joy and my womb filled with glorious tiny little girl kicks and twitches.
After my ultrasound I went straight to the baby store and purchased clothes in pinks and purples. All of my dreams are overflowing with soft pinks and precious baby things. I swoon with delight at the very thought of bathing her in all the beautiful things one can buy.
Its true that I can't stop looking at all the lovely handmade things on Etsy. It is also true that I would love to buy all of these things. HeeHeeHee But then I'd need to get a job. So for now I will continue to window shop. *wink*
And just for fun here is a treasury I created a bit ago. It's titled "She's On Her Way".
If you have a moment stop over at London Tierney's Blog. I guest designed with some of her incredible buttons. :)
Thanks for stopping by. So Glad you did.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy Twenty Eleven!!!

I'm here to tell all why I have been away for so long...
I'M PREGNANT!!! Little Baby Baca #3 is on his/her way. We could not be more thrilled. We feel so blessed that God has given us another miracle of our own and so soon. I thank Him daily. :)
This pregnancy is really trying my patience though. HeeHee I have been so sick since the 3rd week began and I am now at 14 weeks. Some days it has been unbearable and I think I'm dying. Other days I actually feel alive with a very upset tummy. I've been on bedrest, I've been dehydrated from all the vomiting, I've lost 16 pounds and I can't stand food in any form. I'm a hound dog and can smell everything, peoples deodorants or lack thereof, what they've recently eaten is always on their breath, I can smell everything from miles away. It's insane. I'm ready for all the sickness to be gone so I can fully enjoy my pregnancy and my two ever so patient little boys here at home helping Mommy. :) I miss life. Period. But can't thank God enough for his blessing, whatever it takes.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd's Friday is brought to you by the word Pumpkin
[puhmp-kin or, commonly, puhng-kin]
a large, edible, orange-yellow fruit borne by a coarse,decumbent vine, Cucurbita pepo, of the gourd family.