Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost That Time...

Here I am with 15 days left and an OB app tomorrow. So excited to see if I'm progressing any at all. :) I cannot wait to meet my little girl. I hope to update the blog a few more times before I have her. I know I've been so bad at blogging durning this whole pregnancy, but I sure hope I still have a few readers. ;)
Not much scrapbooking going on over here. I have done tons of crafts though. I created a ton of decor for my baby shower that we had in April. I plan to share some pictures of it on here next. :) I also made a quilt for my little chickadee. And the bumper for her cradle. I LOVED the sewing and I plan to make a whole set for her crib too. It's so nice to be able to pick exactly what you want. Ill have to get pictures of the cradle soon and share them. I didn't go by a template or anything so you can definitely tell its my first quilt. HaHa But I love it with it's uniqueness and flaws. ;)
Anywho just wanted to get on here for a bit to say hello to the blogosphere and let you know we're so anxious to see our new little bundle of joy when she arrives.
Here are some of my photos from my maternity shoot.... Thanks so much if you've taken the time to stop by this old cobwebbed blog. I certainly miss it here. Hope to be back again very soon with more pictures and update on when little miss will be here.


Benga said...

Hi! I'm an avid fan, great to hear from you. Have a safe delivery and congratulations!
Looking forward to see your craft projects again, take care!

Koraliki Beaty said...

Lovely :)

photos and models great :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for one more excellent post. Keep rocking.

lorena b. said...

Another fan here too! Best wishes to you and your family!