Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspo Monday with Mission 24

Hello Monday!
Wow this last week went by faster then I could blog. I wasn't feeling well at all last week. Thank goodness I am back and ready to play. It's allergy season here in the valley and they sure snuck up on me. Blech. I hate allergies. Sneezing and runny noses, itchy eyes and basically feeling like you got hit by a train is no fun. Happy to be on my feet again. :)
About a month ago I received an email from Nicole asking me if I'd Guest on their blog. So I went and had a look and really liked what this group of ladies were doing to challenge our creative minds. They have new challenges bi-weekly with fabulous guest designers and terrific monthly prizes. They have a great layout crew and even an amazing card team! They really are a fantastic group that's definitely worth checking out. Their challenge blog is called Mission To Create. And they are definitely on a mission. HaHa They've only been up and running since October of 09 and I believe they are doing a great job so I'm here to recruit some of you. Head on over there and bookmark them, start playing along, and have fun, cause that's what this hobby is all about right? Having fun and meeting new wonderful people through blogs and playing with paper. :)
Here's my layout for Mission 24. I used 3 of the 5 concepts.
1. Stitching
2. Make A Banner
3. Pop Dot your Photos (since I used a photo strip I used foam tape behind it)
the two concepts I didn't use were...
4. Use Gingham Paper
5. Use the Color Purple
Also just wanted to say how much fun I had completing this Mission. This is my first banner. I know they're super popular right now and now I know why. Oh my gosh! I am in love with banners on layouts now. HaHa See what happens when you are challenged, you find things you love that you never knew you would. **Smile
And remember when I told you about the Ormolu tags I had purchased a month or so back? I told you I would share once I received them... Well, I never did. Shipping was super fast too! I got them like 2 days after ordering. That was awesome. But you know what was more awesome than that?These tags are INCREDIBLE! Seriously thee most beautiful tags I've ever ever purchased ever. Did I say ever? I mean they are so superb. The quality is second to none. They are the epitome of professional quality. You know the fancy tags you get on some clothing? Well these are like that. They're sturdy and smooth and beautiful. I actually want all of her tags now. HaHaHa I'm swooning can you tell? HeeHee Ok Ok I'm done. But you really need to buy some to see what I'm talking about. ;) I used two tags on my Mission. The "Soft Petal"packaging tag and the "today" tag.
Alright moving on...
Here's another layout I just created as well. It's about Ayden and his love for money (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters). Seriously this kid is obsessed with holding change. **Laugh And even though I know how many germs are covering money I can't help but let him hold some once in a great awhile.
Had fun on this one too. I've actually had lots of fun getting back into the groove of scrapping. Especially with all the mouth watering product thats been coming out. I still seem to be buying more that what I can use. HaHaHa It's a disease. ;)
So on this page I used of scourse another Ormolu tag and lots of American craft goodies stickers, thickers, a few buttons, chipboard, and brads. I love their new dimensional stickers they're so fun and bring a nice touch to a page. I love my textures though so these were a no-brainer. Well I'm off to pick up the big brother from school. He started 5th grade a few weeks ago and when we went school shopping it was all about getting the "brands" and "styles" this time around. Gosh, I can't believe kids worry about this stuff so young.
He's definitely lookin fly in his new duds. Momma can't deny it. HeeHee
Well I'm off. See you back here on Wednesday for some new Etsy Faves.


Deborah said...

Thank you so much for joining us at Mission to Create!! Your layout is gorgeous, as always :)

Vanessa said...

love your layouts..and your right..the banners are AWESOOOME!!!

Thanks for joining us at Mission To Create!!!


curlyqmosaics said...

Your description of Mission to Create is very enticing. I plan on checking it out now! Thanks for sharing! BTW, your banner layout is beautiful!!!!

Nenne said...

Love the layouts! You're such a talented chica! love your work! got me some Ormolu tags so I can be just like you LOL *inspired*


teacher jessy said...

You layout is so gorgeous for the challenge over at MC!! I love your banner and always love your composition + cheery colors! Can't wait to interpret these concepts into card :)

alisa logue said...

Just wanted to pipe in to tell you I love your work and am always super excited when I see you've posted a new layout! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! -Alisa

Amy said...

Mara!! These are fabulous! I seriously squealed when I saw them!! And make sure you send that first one to Crate (like you did the hat! Gorgeous btw!) because I know they will flip over it too! :D

laterg8r said...

i love that first lo - the color combo, big ribbon, butterflies, everything :D

Danielle said...

Hi Mara May! Gosh, I wish you'd come back to Pink Paislee...I sure miss seeing your bright, gorgeous pages! Wow, these are FAB!

Nicole Nowosad said...

LOVE your page Mara!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your talent with us at the MC :) We loved having you :)

Viola Mahr said...

Your projects are beautiful! I'm excited to find a fellow "Shabby Girl" :) I'll drop by often to visit you, do come visit me too! :)