Monday, February 08, 2010


I can't believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
Life is definitely keeping me busy.
Wanted to post that all of the kits in my Sweet Things Etsy Shop have been reduced by $5.00. These are my final kits. Sadly I will not be making any more kits for my Etsy. It was fun while it lasted, but instead I will be making banners, garlands, custom birthday hats and possibly more mini albums, also a few more Trims and Things. :) I love etsy.
Anywho while I'm here I'll share the last project I created. It's a Valentine mini album I created and sold on my etsy. I had a lot of fun creating it...
And a delish Valentine Garland still available for purchase HERE, was $15 now only $10! <3
I have one more I'm currently working on, but not sure if it'll ever be finished in time for V Day. LOL
Thanks for stopping in to check up on me. I'll try to be back a lot sooner.
PS I just found this really awesome site for free Vintage Clipart... Vintage Holiday Crafts
Have fun!


Malin said...

Wohooo she scrapped she scrapped!!!
Cant tell you how happy i am to se something gorgeous from you sweetie!

Hope to se more ;)
Hugs Malin (and yes she blogs..sortof *lol* )

Melonie said...

Soooooo glad to see you post. Love everything that you shared here today and really miss seeing your work:)

tammy said...

Your design were all artistic and you use lively colors that makes it looks so special. This is a very good presence together with your gift during special occasions. I much appreciated this kind of stuff because it comes from a persons own work. - Nojo