Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello again! :) Just here to share some really cool ETSY finds.
When I saw THESE they took my breath away. They are magical.
THIS is so fun. :)
THIS is amazing...
I thought THIS was so delicate and beautiful.
These TAGS are gorgeous. Everything from this shop is gorgeous.
And lastly these LIGHTS... I want a million of them to hang everywhere in my house!
I'll be back soon with more things to share, maybe some scrappy goodness! :)


Malin said...

Soooo much fun stuff i love thoselights!
Etsy is one of my favorite places :)
Hope you will have nice weekend

Raaachii. said...

Those tags are so adorable! :) x

Lea L. said...

Oh how I love those lights....I want to hang them up all over my backyard!


jennalee said...

Etsy is so cool.