Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Label Tulip + Sneaks

Hey peeps! Wuddidododoodelydoo? HeeHeeHee You like that huh? Anyways guess where I've been all this time?Well my baby turned 1!!! Yes one!
I can't believe it either. He's big day was on the 28th and we had his birthday party on the 30th. The day after he breaks out with chicken pox! Can you believe that? They're almost gone just a few scabs still waiting to fall off. My poor little guy. He was such a trooper though. He had them pretty bad too. I mean I wanted to cry he had SO many on his little head and face. I'm so happy he's almost back to the norm. :)
So yeah, I got to guest design for Label Tulip this month! So cool and so fun. Check it all out HERE. I got to play with two kits, The main kit Sugar Shoppe and the kit with all the Sassafras "Rock Candy"! YUM and YAY! It was super delicious and definitely gave me a sugar high. :) Here's some of the work I did...
The other place I was honored to guest design for is Shabby Chic Crafts! Love those tags and Veronica is seriously so generous and uber cool. Love that chica! You hear me Veronica? I loaf chew! :)
I had a great time creating for her company. Here are some sneaks of the work I did. You can check out the reveal tonight on the Shabby Chic Crafts Blog. Fun Fun
Well I better get off this thing gonna go hang out with my boys for a bit!
Loving that summer break is finally here! Hooray for pj days.
Going swimming tomorrow at the brother's house!


Zarah said...


Beth Perry said...

hey girl!! I love love your LT layouts...so gorgeous!! And I don't know how I missed your gallery over at Shabby Chic!! I am sure it rocks! Going to check it out now! :D

Beth Perry said...

Maybe I need to learn to speed read before I try it. lol
I see...tonight is the full reveal. That is how I "missed" it. hahaha
Can't wait to see your creations. The sneaks look great!

meganklauer said...

Wow! Amazing work! I just found your blog through shabby chic crafts and so glad I did! Amazing inspiration!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Hola chica!! CFBACA you are up...some of the close ups got lost in my "pot" I mean post. DANG and I was already having a frickn frack of a time with that dang post!!!

So...it's up and it looks HELLA awesome!


Oh, and dude...let's plan a date...need my sisters kit. :D

Oh and baby looks just like Tim. DANG!!!

Mª Jesús said...

Qué trabajos más bonitos!!!! Me gustan mucho las cosas que haces. Un saludo.

Breanne Crawford said...

what CUTE birthday pics! love his hat!

AMY HOANG said...

The birthday hat is sooooo cute! I was wondering...is the "base" (the initial cone of the hat) made out of regular cardstock? or is bought pre-made and then decorated? I would love to know! Your work is fabulous and I feel totally inspired!

mizarwen said...

Hello Mara,

I have an award to give u :) check my blog

Vee said...

love your projects and what a cutie! :) hope you are well girl! :)

iris said...

I just love looking through your blog! beautiful work.

Nursapalooza said...

Love, LOVE those layouts, thanks for sharing!

Toya said...

I love your work. More than anything I love that birthday hat your little cutie is wearing. Are you willing to share the instructions for it? My nephew is turning 1 in 2 weeks and I would love to make a hat like that.