Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey Hey

Trying to keep up blogging is like trying to lose weight. Impossible. LOL Now we all know that's not true. It only takes a little bit of motivation. Anyone care to lend me some. HaHaHa So I hear CHA was a big hit! Lots of fun new things coming out. Lots of new manufactures as well. I'm in love with stuff from Sassafraslass, they have some of the cutest papers and their new chipboard is seriously killing me! A.C. has some awesome new embellishments coming out like the buttons, Cosmo Cricket came out with some super fun papers lines and their journaling cards are always thee best. Prima's new flowers are definitely on the top of my list to have. Crate Paper decided to come out with a whole new look which I am LOVING! Pink Paislee has a few new fabulous lines out. They have some awesome embellishments coming out as well. I'm also excited about Fiskars new tools! Doodlebug's new Paper Potpourri just looks like so much fun! And of course Jenni Bowlin's new stuff is gorgeous! Normally I'm not to big on Basic Grey, but have you seen their Urban Prairie line? OMGosh I've got to have it! It's one of my favorite paper lines this time around! So yeah pretty much my checkbook is gonna be hurting as soon as this stuff starts making a debut. Alright so here are a few more pieces of my work I did for Prima's CHA booth.I won't have pictures of my Sassafrass booth layouts for a few more days, but I'll share the asap.
Speaking of CHA, Allison from Hambly contacted me before Cha Winter this year and asked to feature one of my previous layouts in their catalog. How cool is that? And the catalog is so freakin' rad. Here's a pic.
So I've been wanting to share this for a while, but never blog so how could I have shared? LOL My awesome hubby put this together for me a few months ago and I want one on every wall now! LOL They are so convenient and look how rad they look. I had that frame sitting in my closet for the longest time, found it at Joanns on clearance and he had the pegboard just laying outside since forever and finally the idea popped into my head. I was like this would be so cool can you do it? And of course what do you think he did. He went out and bought some paint and an hour later my framed pegboard was drying waiting to be hung. :) I LOVE it! He also made me one of those shelves thingies everyone gets from IKEA. You know the one with all the little cubbies? Well mines is black and has 12 cubbies. It's like super heavy duty too. And I LOVE that as well! :) Just have to get some pic.s of it. I've had it for like 7 months already. Heh. Yeah. My hubbies the best! :) Alright moving on. So Ayden will be 2 months old on the 28th! Can you believe it's already been two months? Time really does fly by. He has started sleeping through the nite finally. Goes to bed at 10:30 and wakes up at 6. He's getting so big! He is much bigger than Timmy was at this age. And I dunno how it happened, but he looks almost identical to Timmy when Timmy was a newborn. I mean it's weird how much they look alike. I swear I had the same baby twice! But I don't mind cause they are adorable! Ayden laughed for the first time yesterday. I was tickling him and he giggled it was the best! He pays full attention if your talk to him and he talks right back. He is definitely going to be a talker. He will chat with you for up to 5 minutes already. It's soooo cute! Oh and the other day I was silly singing, you see I don't have a singing voice so I usually just act dumb, so I was doing this the other day and I was just making up a song as I went along and I promise you for at least 2 minutes he was totally singing along! Gosh I wish I would have had a video-camera! It was the most precious thing ever and I was the only witness! HeeHee Since I don't have a video to share I'll share this foto with you. I love it! This is the pic straight out of the camera. Did you guys notice the new banner? LOL Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. HaHaHa I used some of the new Sass Fond of You Too. Gosh I am loving these papers. Here are a few close ups and I also made this card while the scraps were still out. Fun Fun
Okay well I better go. I've got a baby to feed!
Catch you guys later!


Julie Duncan said...

LOL......You are such a tease! Can't wait.......How soon do you consider soon?

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

haha good question Julie. That Mara...she loves to post once a month. hahah

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that banner! said...

Wow - just stumbled on your blog and I'm loving all the eye candy! Can't wait to go check it out a little more. Love the cha samples you posted and adorable little baby too!


kirstypiper said...

Beautiful baby! love the board, love the banner!

Nina said...

Wow. I noticed your new GORGEOUS banner right away. Amazing. And your little card - it's fab.
You are the best.

Cobb809 said...

love teh new banner and that peg board thing is so great! I need to do something like that. everything is in drawers for me so I can't see all of what I have.

2ReVert said...

Oh Mara! So cute! Love that photo of your new bundle... so cute! And it looks like a store rack, but so much better. Still love looking at all your sb'ing :)

miss ya,

Mimi73 said...

This new banner is so cool! Love all the beautiful details.
Love all the layers and textures.



Donna. said...

Finally a new post. I just love when you post some wonderful eye candy! (LOVE the banner, too)

Hopefully mommy-hood is going well for you.

dannigirl said...

that peg is so super duper rad!
i love it.
you man is awesome.

dannigirl said...

ohh i forgot,
can you email me, i have a question about your banner. pretty please with sugar on
thanks girl,

Sasha said...

Oh honey I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pegboard system I have one of my whole walls covered and use the same supplies hanging .. love it .. so I know what you mean ..

Love your blog as usual .. stay inspiring

Sara Christine said...

I just started getting into scrapbooking and then stumbled upon your lovely blog! Your stuff is amazing! I went to a scrapbook store the other day and was completely overwhelmed with all the merchandise. Glitter and paper and stamps and embellishments and...OH MY! Decided to take a breather and go back with more of a plan. :)

Kawi said...

Is the first time i see your blog. Lot of beautifuls things! Sorry for my bad english ;)

Kawi from Québec

Titelaine said...

it's always so beautiful...and this little!!!
Your banner is wonderful!!! it's the first thing I have seen!

Stephanie Joanna said...

wow, such awesome work! I just love it. And what a great storage system too ... I'm jealous!! Tell your hubby to come put one together for me! :oD

lisa garay said...

i just wanted to say hi & come see your gorgeous stuff & beautiful baby!

Blooms & Stalks said...

you are so talented. I love this so much