Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'll Be Home For Christmas...

I LOVE Christmas!!!!
I've also been busy busy busy!!! Talk about a last minute shopper. Yup! That's me! In fact I'm still not done. LOL Gah. Pregnant woman should not have to stand in 30 minute lines either. Hahaha Guess that's what I get huh?

So about my little baby in the oven... I went to my appointment and it was too soon to tell. Bummer right? Yeah, well imagine how I felt. Heh. Then she told me two more weeks, but turns out I can't even get in till after the Holidays! UGH! I wanna now what my baby is!!!! LOL I wanna buy baby stuff people. HaHaHa Seriously though I'm just so happy and so excited to be preggo. I can feel the baby moving constantly now. It's the most precious thing ever. I've forgotten what the feelings of a baby inside you can be like. It's just amazing and I am truly blessed! :)

Speaking of amazing I've come across a few blogs that I'm head over heels for and want to share.

Candice Carpenter- Found her through her ETSY store and fell in love with everything she does. I want to just gobble up all her creations. So much inspo I could die.

Danielle Thompson- Okay this woman has some seriously off the chart uber cool fotography skills! YUM to all of her work! Plus she has some awesome crafty skills too! How cool is that. You must check her out! Like NOW! She's killin' me Smalls!

Jennifer Pebbles- Found her through being on the AC DT. She's so talented and takes such fabulous fotos. Plus she's adorable! :)

Wanna see some more adorable stuff? Well the December Kit for Sweet Spud's was so fun. How bout I share my layouts here just incase you didn't see them in the gallery.

And since we're posting layouts from this months kit which has been sold out, so why not share the sneak peek for January's Kit?

Make sure you pre-order to insure you get one. :) And if you're not signed up for the Newsletter you better get signed up cause this month my challenge will be featured in the newsletter! And you won't wanna miss out on the fun! Don't believe me? Well then here's a peek of what's to come...

Here's a link to where you can sign up... Sign Up Here
And while you're over there check out the DT page. My picture is up and sure to give you a chuckle or spew. HaHaHa Gotta love a good sense of humor right? :P

I have been taking tons of Christmas fotos and am dying to share them, but alas they need to be edited so they will have to wait. But here is one of our Christmas tree that looks delightful without editing. :)

I've been making Christmas cards and stuff. Will share soon too. So fun this season! Timmy and I have a gingerbread house to decorate and we're gonna have a cookie decorating party with a few friends. Can't wait. I will be sure to take lots of fotos too! :)

Well that's all I've got for now. I leave you with Alicia Keys. This song (my fave on the album) makes me just close my eyes and go back there. :) Hope you love it!


amy lapi said...

love your tree :) great post.

Vee said...

your tree looks beautiful girl!! I loved your gallery but always do. it is such a blessing to feel the little one inside,i loved being pregnant! have a merry christmas girlie, kiss kiss!! :)

Candice Carpenter said...

ok are so sweet! I am so glad you like my blog...ditto about yours. You have got style girl! Thanks so much for including me in your post of new favs...Merry Christmas!!! Love the tree and your creations!!

miss morgan... said...

you totally rocked that kit! like for serious! good luck with the rest of your shopping! i'm so not ready either, but at least you have a good excuse!

Charin said...

Yay, glad you're blogging again! :) I know you must be dying to find out what you're having!
Oh, did you see any of Danielle Thompson's work when she was still scrapbooking? YUM!! She and Elsie have a style that inspires me every time.
The sneak peek of the Jan. kit looks hot!

shelly b said...

I LOVE your tree!!! and doesn't the sweet spuds kit rock!! can't wait to see what you do with it! AND I need to know what your using to make your pics turn out so bright! HELP!!!