Friday, April 27, 2007


Just wanted to post a "hello" blog!

Not much up for this weekend. Gotta double date tomorrow. Dinner downtown I love downtown Main St. So it should be fun. Can't wait! :) Hmmmm I should take the camera. I wounder if the other couple would mind. Hmmmmmmmm LOL

Here are a few pix from a self foto shoot I did. HaHaHa I really am not in love with myself. I just don't have other peeps to take fotos of. :( Wanna come over? I wish too shoot.

Alright then shout out to Muh girl Marina!!! Hun you need a blog! ;) TeeHee Anyways I got your sweetness love love at the P.O.!! I love my post card! Thank you so much for thinking of me and letting me know that you were. :) Aussie looks gorgeous in that foto! Ahhhhh Maybe some day.

Anyways I went to Michael's today and HOLY FREAKING AYE!!!! The Martha Stewart line is Uuuuuuuhhhh-Mazing! Pee my pants slap me silly amazing! I want EVERYTHING!!! I only had change for money so I bought a couple of stickers. This is the deal... I placed a pre-order for the Love, Elsie lines and uhhhhhh promised not to buy anything until June. So momma's gotta be good. LOL I dunno if I can do it ladies! I mean what if the new Urban Lily comes out? I have been dying for that line just as much as the Love, Elsie stuff. Whhhaaaaaaaaa. What's a girl suppose to do.

So yeah that's my story. And today I got an order from ScrapbookGoddess with new ScenicRoute and lots of American Craft's Thickers! Mmmmmmmmm I am dying to play peoples!!!

Infact I have had sucha great response to my mini that I am going to be making another one VERY soon!!!!

Thank you to everyone who showed some love on the album! I am swooning!!!! Love Love you guys!



ms318i said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so glad you got the postcard. just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know i'm still thinking of you !

you still need to send me a pic of timmy in his aussie t

i'd come over for a photo shoot for sure if i lived closer..maybe one day !

staceyfike said...

so, you just come to KY and i'll be your model for no charge... deal?
beautiful self photos btw!!!

Vee said...

i am with stacey, come to DC chica!!
maybe one day when I am in cali!!
lol, you look amazing!!
what pre-order of Love, elsie
will have to check it
have fun on your double date!!
have a great weekend and I can't wait to see the new mini :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

girl... u are totally GORG... those pics are awesome.. mirror shots or tripod help!!? Ill say this a million times... i want ur brows!! haha xoxo

sohpiasmom said...

Wow...those pics are so beautiful...why aren't you a model?! I saw the MS line at Micheals too...totally love it :)

tammy kay said...

wow. Girl you are beautiful. and I agree with amber that your brows are to die for!

Love that you are posting more. Keep it up.

I am working on the photo. I feel like I have to send an extra special one now. Seriously you are such a hottie!

Latharia said...

LOVELY pics!

Greta said...

love your site and your work is gorgeous...i have to agree with amber you have some RAWKIN eyebrows {sigh}

Laurie said...

wicked pics dude!!
lol crud i was unpacking and found that page i did for you...i must mail that too you! yikes! "hawt chick" remember the page? lol

adrienne said...

yah. I saw it too (the martha stewart). I. about. died. ok I hated to admit it to myself but CRAP she really did come out with COOL stuff huh?