Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cards and Sweetness...

Okay I meant to post yesterday, but got caught up and didn't get a chance to. So here I am posting late. Booooo LOL

Yesterday I got a box at my P.O. from the adorable TammyKay. She didn't owe me anything and still she spoiled me rotten! OMGOSH I was drooling all over myself as I opened the box! Here are some pix...
Look at all that yummy felt! I am dying here!!! (time to create)

How freaking cute are these bitty anEmals? :)

Here are some close ups of the tons of ribbon( YUM-E), the ribbon flowers she made me (LOVE LOVE), the cutest little sock coin purse (in my purse full of change now), and to show how small those bitties are I held them. They are smaller than my fingernails.

TAMMY KAY YOU ARE THE BEST GIRL!!!! Thanks you so much for all my goodies. I cannot wait to play and put them all to good use! You rock hun. Huge hugs to you.

Now then if I can contain myself I will tell you guys that oddly enough I have been on a card making spree. LOL Not really but I did make 4 cards yesterday! It was fun to make something small and not feel bad if they didn't turn out. After all they weren't going into an album. HaHaHa And if you'll notice all of them have a flower and are based in the center. LOL So here they are... All four of them...

And for the sake of adding more pictures here are some close ups of the details. :)

And would you believe it? I scrapped the other night and didn't post it anywhere. Ha! It's cause I had to take pictures of it. It's made on a transparency. Pretty neato huh? It took a while to cut that paper in a spiral too. *rolls eyes* I originally made it for some Guest DT contest, but in the end I just said screw it and didn't enter it. Blah for me. ;P

This layout is getting published. It will be back soon. :)

Well I hope everyone is having fun and has beautiful weather like here in Central Cali. There is nothing better than a sunny day with a nice cool breeze blowing through your hair.

Peace and Love to all my readers.


ms318i said...

omg......i just enjoy reading your are too cute ! and it. have fun with your goodies........which i'm sure you will. that sock purse is to cute !

hey love your nails !!!!!!

enjoy your weather cause it's raining here this morning !

a little about me and my life said...

I love those cards. Seriously they are gorgeous!

I am so glad that you love your happy mail. Made me smile to see it all.

Just love you girl and totally adore your style.

Krys said...

What fun stuff...and look at those cards they are great...I agree with you in the weather....Im in fullerton and its been great!

Happay said...

love your new stuff especially that spiral LO :)

Vee said...

love love the cards!!
they are so pretty and the lo is awesome!!
love seeing your creations
so eyecandy :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

M... u are mad crazy... totally inspirational... love how you mix stuff up!!! the cards are awesome... i NEED your mojo for cards. So horrible at it!! TammyKay really hooked you up... can I be her friend? haha xoxo

Julie said...

That is one awesome spiral LO. Love all your goodies,can't wait to see what you do with them.Those cards are could sell them.

adrienne said...

O-M-G you lucky duck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo flippin green with envy! ugh. ;O)

Adrienne said...

oh and hello?! Cutest nails EVA comin through!!!!!!

Josh said...

Hey girl!

All the stuff is cool....looks like you will have fun....the LO is awesome!

Hope you have a great weekend!


sohpiasmom said...

Awesome gift from that sweet! Love the layouts and cards too! You're so talented...I love everything you do!= :)