Thursday, February 15, 2007

Maken Me Smile....

Just wanna share a few things that "really got me going"....

This adorable Valentine I bought Timmy at Target. (I love Target)

My new cutsie Owl shirt. HeeHee Owls are so hip right now. ;)

Color It Buttons.... I want them in every color people! :)

This package of new goodies I just got the other day...

Can you see the K.I. graph papers? Dying here!

Look at the polkie dot papers!! They are killing me people! I am dying to sit and scrap!!!

Getting MAC's Barbie makeup for Valentine's day! Awwww.

My freaking gorgeous cat!!! And doing pictures all natural. No PS here 'cept the frame. Loving it!

Yup that's all it takes to make me happy! Simple things. Love it all!
Night peeps!!


sohpiasmom said...

Wow...seeing all of this makes me happy too :)

Vee said...

omg love the MAC colors!!
will have to check it soon!!
love the KI papers and you will too!!
so fun to play with and been using it lots lately :)

~ms318i~ said...

mara...............i ca see why your pages are buy the bestest goodies..............omg i loved it all. have fun scrapping !

Adrienne Looman said...

That owl top is TO DIE FOR!!!! :) I want it I want it I want itttttt! lol. hmmmm and where'd you get those megally cool buttons???!! haha.

Sugar said...

Your pictures are maken me smile.**

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara, long time no speak! ;) miss ya sweetie :)

Your stuff is awesome, as always... just had to say I love your "hooter" top! lol... ;)