Sunday, December 03, 2006


Remember that fotoshoot I was suppose to share? Well I finished editing them the other day and thought I'd finally put them up. This girl wasn't so easy to photography. I don't think she was very comfortable. She wasn't very cooperative either. LOL But she was fun and I loved the way her fotographs came out.


Heidi A said...

They are super cute! I LOVE that dress she is wearing! Hot! I really like the tattoo one... I bet it would look really cool black and white.. or grunged up!

I wish you could come do Chloe's pics in her new fab dress!!! I know I'm gonna suck them up badly!!!!

Vee said...

ooohh....I love the one of her in the dress and showing off her ink!!
they look awesome!!
love your new banner too! :)

~ms318i~ said...

omg mara...............they are awesome fotos ! you are fantastic
she looks great in all the shots

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara ;)

Miss ya sweetie :)

The photos are awesome.... as always :)

chat soon!