Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blog For A Minute?

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is having a rockin' Saturday!!! And for some of you Happy Canada Day!!!!! I can't believe 4th of July is right around the corner! YIKES! I don't even have our shirts yet. Ha Ha Ha We are probably going to buy firecrackers today. And I think we will be spending it with some family in Bakersfield. Whoo-hoo! I will be taking my camera too. So no worries. :) I have had 3 photo shoots this week. I posted some pictures already and I will post some more from one I did yesterday. And when I edit the other I will be sure to post some from then too. Hope you guys don't mind all the pictures. And if there's anyone out there with suggestions or critique please feel free to leave it in a comment or e-mail. I have been asked to do two wedding this summer. But uhhhhhhh geeze I don't really think I am that good yet. I'm skered really. Weddings are sooo important and I feel the pictures should be perfection. And if I do accept the jobs I will be getting a lens! Heh. So yeah not sure on that junk yet. Guess we'll see. I don't have too much time really to think about it so I'll let you guys know what happens. I can't believe how busy busy summer has been. To start Timmy has hated every swimming lesson so far. :( He only has 5 more classes left and I am worried that he will not learn how to swim this year. Then my s-I-l has been staying with us. Probably for the whole summer. My Grandma is going to be coming down to stay for a while too. And right now some cousins are here for the whole weekend. Whew. Talk about stressed out. Nobody is a bother. It's actually fun to have company once in a while. But it's a lot different than what I am used to. I am used to being alone. LOL So I just need to adjust. I'm almost there. Hee Hee I am worried I may not get around to starting the K.I. Memories album for the Design Team Call. I need to get busy with that. Just need a day to regroup really. Everything has me so scatter brained lately. Well this was short and sweet and now it's time for pictures. Just be glad I blogged okay?! *sticks tongue out This girl was quite uncomfortable with having her picture taken at first, but warmed up quickly. She's so beautiful! And I absolutely adored photographing her. I can't wait to do her senior pictures next year! We already have an appt. :) Enjoy...... Tiffany (17 years young) Thanks for stopping in again. Peace&Love.


Heidi A said...

Well the pics are awesome.. as always.. but geeze.. homegirl has to lose those fugly tights!!! They're just WRONG!!!!!!!!! I don't care if they are "in"... they're not flattering on ANYONE!! You better not be wearing these Mara!!!!!!!!!! ;)

heehee.. Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG... Mara those pics are so awesome... my favs are the one with the glasses and the second to last one! Great job ;) And YES... I would be soooo doing the weddings if I had your talent!! Hope you do... and if so good luck & have fun ;)

Hmmm... company eh! wowzers... sounds like lots.

Isn't Heidi the funniest! lol... don't listen to her they're kinda cute ;)

Miss you :)

ZoomZoomZoom said...

Yes, you ARE that good.

DANny said...

OMggggggggaaaaaa MARA U ARE AWESOME!! i love u!