Thursday, June 29, 2006

Evil Blogger Twin

This isn't Mara. It's her evil blogger twin. You know the one who only posts pictures? Mara isn't here right now so I am posting these to keep you entertained. Muhahahahaha. Mara should be around soon to blog. Don't be mad at her she's got a lot going on this summer. (who knew hey?) She'll be back and most likely with more photos. She's trying to get better with that complicated cam, but she's worried it's gonna take a loooong time! These pic.s are of the same girl (Ashliegh) from last time. Thanks for your patience. Love ya guys laters! ♥ Muuuaaahhh


Laurie said...

dude!!!! these are WICKED MAN!!!! LIKE TOTALLY! love them! great junk hon! keep it up! oh and thanks evil twin blogger for postin her pics! lol

Anonymous said...

wowzers... Miss. Mara-May ... you amaze me... love them all, esp. the first one... beautiful :)

Jann :)