Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's been a while, hey? Sorry guys. Guess life has kept me busy. Hope all is well with the rest of the world. Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!! I hope he has a great day. I know he is working right now, but hopefully everything is going accordingly. I am taking him to In & Out for lunch and then I will be making him dinner, mom made a cake and then present after. Sounds like fun! Sounds like a few added pounds to me. I am starving and can't wait to eat that double double w/ pickle! Mmmmmmmmmm. Man I am a pig. LMBO Okay so Mother's day just past. I hope all of you mother's out there has a most wonderful day! I had a very relaxing day. Woke up to the cutest little boy saying "Happy Mother's Day Mommy open your present." He made me a plate at school. Soooooo cute and by far the best mother's day present. And according to the card he made me I am 52 feet tall and weigh only a mere 20 pounds. LOL Too Cute. He says he wouldn't trade me for a monster truck and my favorite food is Mc Donald's Cheeseburgers. Ha Ha Ha I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and balloon. Hee Hee. I cuddle with Timmy on the couch and we watched two movies after breakfast. For dinner we went out to the Olive. Mmmmm It was so yummy. All in all it was a pretty great day. Thank God for Mother's!!!! Now I'd like to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family!!! Kricket!!! My Dad found her outside crying and saved her for me. He knew I would want her. Yay me! She's sooo sweet. Don't you agree? Although we don't know yet if she's actually a she. Ha Ha poor Kricket. She has an appointment this week so we'll find out soon enough. Hoping she's a girl though. ;) Timmy loves her and is always after her. Not sure the feeling is mutual seeing as how she takes off running as soon as she spots him. heh Poor thing was so scared of everything at first. Now she's easing up with all the tender love and care. ;) She loves Tim! And he didn't want her to begin with, but trust me he loves her the most. Ha Ha Men. They sure are funny. Well I gotta run just wanted to update a bit. I'll be back soon! If you need me you know where to find me..... Latahs!


Heidi A said...

dude its about time!!! I was just coming over here to bug you for an update.. and you already did!!

I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT A KITTY!!!!!! She is too cute!!! And you need to stop talking about in and out.. its sooo totally NOT fair to those of us who are in and out deprived. NOT FAIR NOT FAIR!!!

Miss you!!!

Sam said...

Well it only took you a week ;)
Love the pics of the kitty, SHE is so cute and NOT a Jimmy ;)