Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey Yeah.

Soooooooo Today I had yet another Doctor's appointment. 2 hours worth of DOUBLE YUCK. LOL Cleaned up a bit around the house today so feeling very refreshed now with the spotless house, that will only last until after dinner. Yummy pizza is what's for dinner! Mmmmmm in the oven right now. Then, the fabulous leftover pieces of cake from Dad's birthday. Yippeeeeee. Hmm no wonder I am so chubbs. Heh. So after dinner I am scrapping. Sooo glad. I haven't scrapped in what seems like forever. Gonna do another Timmy page. I have this vision for a page of me, but need to scrap more of Timmy. So Kricket is sooo stinking cute. I love watching her play. She jumps all over the place. Noticed today she has the curtains all snagged. HaHa Shhh don't tell Tim. She's so so playful. Ooooo looks like the food is ready! Okay just wanted to blog for a few and a few it was. Catch you all another day! Off again to my wonderful life.

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