Monday, May 01, 2006


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever and it's only been about a week. Heh. It's a little addicting hey? I'd like to blog everyday, but I'm too boring. Like I can't just type all kinds a cool and interesting junk. So ya'll will have to settle. I need to take some pictures of ME!!! HaHa! It's funny I went to Chili's on Friday (it was my aunt's birthday) and after we all ate my cousin wanted to take pictures of everyone. It was so funny cause I was sitting at a light pole and one of my cousins was all,"Omogsh! Mara stop posing!" I soooo wasn't I swear! They were all making fun of me saying how I always take pictures of myself. LMBO!!! Haters! HaHaHa It was fun. I want to get the pictures from the cousin that took the pictures. IF I get them I'll post 'em. You know you wanna see 'em. *sticks tongue out* Okay so the whole reason I was Saying I need to take pictures of myself is cause...... I GOT ANOTHER HAIR CUT!!!!!!! Its right under my shoulders. Plus I told her to cut me bangs, but BOY was that a mistake! They are driving me INSANE!!! Everyone says they're cute, but screw that I keep clipping them back. Heh. Okay so what has happened since the last time I blogged? Hmmm... Thinking..... Oh yeah my Effer Dare page right below. I was in the zone man! It was so rad! It came out like perfect! I love it! Ha. *Sounding all conceded* I'm so not though, it's just once in a while you do a page like you pictured it in your head. Rare moments peeps. Rare. So I entered the Cherry Arte Design Team Call. I doubt I'll make it. I have been getting to "freestyle" lately with my scrapping. I think they'll probably be looking more for the conserved scrapping style. Which I can totally do, but just haven't been in that groove anymore. Like seriously I want my stuff all funked up! More like whatevah goes, you know? So yeah I am waiting for Scrapbook Goddess to load the K.I. Memories Color Theory stuff so I can place a phat order. I'm ready to start my Celebrate Color Album for the contest. That is one awesome contest ladies! K.I. Memories is my all time favorite Company how could I pass up a contest like this by them? Yeah I can't! LOL I already have an idea for my album! Ahhhhhh can you hear me screaming? I WANT THE STUFF TO START IT!!!! Yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. LOL Omgosh did any of you watch prison Break tonight? WOW!!! I think the ending was a little lame. Like how is Michael gonna just whip out a knife on the pope? Nuts! I guess you'd do anything for an innocent brother on death roe, hey? Okay well maybe not all of us would go to prison and try to bust him out, but ya'll know what I'm sayin! LOL That show is crazy! Like did you see scenes for next week? Meow. I can't wait all week. What's up with that?! And who dies people? MAN. I can't take this suspense anymore. So much going on this week with that show. So on a more basic note I just bought some of those Nestles Crunch Stix. Oh my Geee-zuuuuusss-ahhhhh. Tho babies are DA BOMB!!!! If you haven't tried them you gotta I mean GOTTA run out and buy some. Do me a favor too, don't act all dumb and just buy one box. YA'll need like four at least!!!! They have 'em in dark yep you read that right DARK Chocolate too! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh Yum! Well, stuff has been a little lame lately. So much junk going on right now in my head. Gonna be a looong night. Can you tell me why some people are just stupid? I get so sick of just out right STUPID people. Gotta handle some junk tomorrow. Let some stuff slide. Slam some people. Get busy. Ha Ha Ummmm where did that come from. Whooooooooo. Ha Ha There I go again, being nuts. Okay well I gotta jump in the shower then get stuff ready for a fun filled day in kindergarten class. *Winx* Volunteering again tomorrow. Man I love those kids though, but don't know how the teacher does it 5 hours a day five days a week. I would lose my mind. LOL Sending love to my peeps. And all you haters..... "Don't hate the player, hate the game yo!" Peace. I'm out!


~ms318i~ said... many chocloate bars did you eat lol

i think you overdosed on them............but i luv ya !

you are too funny........can't wait to see the new do.....quick get those photos on here

Happay said...

oh shoot! I bet you make the Cherry Arte team! I'm sure they are swimming in applications. It's mine that they are laughing at! Why do we bother? I must be nuts.