Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday

Well Timmy went back to school today. When I was getting him ready this morning I asked him if he was excited to be going back. He says,"Well I am excited to see my friends, but I don't even get no time cause when I get home it's already getting dark outside." He's sooo crazy. I swear this kid would rather play all day. Which makes me wonder if I will have trouble with him in school. You know like him never wanting to go? I hope he will love school. I don't want to always have to be after him about it either. Seems like we always have to convience him why school is good for him cause he'd rather be at home playing all day. I know he is only 5, but I remember when I was little I loved school. But then again kindergarten wasn't as hard as it is now. I mean my little guy can read already and tell the time, plus add and subtract! I don't remember learning all that stuff till like 2nd and 3rd grade. His teacher has mentioned how much harder next year will be too. All I can say is...... WADAYAMEAN!!!!! I dunno this school stuff is getting outta control! LOL ;-) I just hope he doesn't have a hard time. I know he is smart, but he just doesn't like taking the time to think it out so he'll just ramble off something that has nothing to do with anything. LOL If that makes sense. :-P Ha Ha But yeah you guys know what I mean. So if you have any advice please feel free to give it! So it looks like today consists of CLEANING!!! Yay! We all know how much Mara adores cleaning. *she says as she sticks her finger down her throat to gag* Yup we got bathrooms, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, the whole 9 yards people! Then we light the candles and it will smell oh so yummy. I picked one of my favorite candles the other day when I was getting my nails done (they sell them there). Oh they are THE BEST!!! This time I bought the Strawberry Kiwi one and omgosh I am so loving it. If you haven't tried these candles you MUST. They seriously don't even have to be burning to smell the whole house up. They're The Golden Canyon Candles. Do buy one if you get the chance. Trust me you will be glad you did and hooked for life! Now we all know I want to scrapbook today! I am think Easter! Whoohoo! LOL But we all know what happens when I wanna scrap right? I don't! So I probably won't. Booooooooo. Ha Ha But I might. There's nothing on T.V. tonight soooooooo I may have time too. But then again we have two movies we bought and haven't watched. Yeah we'll prolly watch Fun With Dick and Jane tonight. It looks funny. Sorta. Tim bought it. As for me I think Jim Carey's movies are usually pretty lame and quite crud. But maybe I will be surprised. Cause I really like Tea Leoni. Anyways maybe I will blog more later! As for now I gotta go finish cleaning!!! Wish me luck!


Zahra said...

Hope you got a lot of cleaning accomplished! Our stuff is still in the overnight bag and my new clothes are still in the shopping bags where I dropped them when we came home on Sunday! Lots to do, I just need more time!!

Happay said...

I hope you got to scrap! I'd love to see your Easter pages. :D

awendybird said...

I vote for homeschooling your little dude! He sounds too smart for school ;)

I need to clean majorly. Maybe I should go buy some yummy candles for inspiration :D I love the Gold Canyon candles!