Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Besides all the rain.....

Today I had another fun fun Doctor's visit, or is it just Doctor visit? I dunno! You know me and my bad grammar. Guess that's what I get growing up in Cali. OR is that everywhere? Okay okay back to my subject... Yeah yet another docks visit and what did he do? Sent me off for more blood work! Come on people is this really how I wanna spend my day? NO! Not at all! Oh and boy was it fun having like 10 different receptionist pronounce my name wrong and then ask me, "Is that how you say it?" LAME People!!!! Lame!!!! Gah! What is so hard about pronouncing Maranatha? Okay lol I guess it is kinda hard, but to have to hear 10 different versions in like 2 hours kinda was a little annoying! But whatever that's over now and I don't have to hear it again for another week! Or wait, is that even good news? Man this sucks! Next week they will say,"I forgot how to say, how do you say it again?" Freaking LOSERS!!!!! Lemme just go in with the pronunciation slapped up across my forehead! Okay? Good idea? NOOOO!!!! Freakin' aye! Oh and why do Doctor Offices scales ALWAYS weigh you more than your home scale?! Man I needa diet! *crosses eyes* But on a lighter note (she says as she rolls her eyes) and much happier one I had shrimp cocktail for lunch and coffee with my mum! Yummmm and yay! The coffee was awesome! As always! It's Millstone Coffee and da bomb baby!!! Oh and if you haven't tried CoffeeMate's Creme Brulee then dude, what are you thinking?!!! Go get some man! I just bought the honkinest one they sell and it's like half gone! And hey, who says you can't put half a cup of creamer in your coffee? SHAWWWW!!!! lol Okay maybe not half a cup, but make sure you put enough ok? Oh and no sugar dude, come on you trying to drink candy? No, I think not! Do it right dude! OR just don't do it! Get it? Got it? Okay, Rock on!!!! Anyways, I think I had too much coffee dude! Better go jump rope. Ummm or NOT! HaHaHa man I'm funny! OR whatever you call it! Yeah.


~ms318i~ said...

mara.i nearly wet my're a freak ! crack me up ! lol

still laughing here !

Zahra said...

I have the SAME problem with people trying to pronounce my name! Whowouldathunkit? LOL
And DUDE, you need to lay off on so much creamer - it's making you hyper! hehe

Rhena said...

So what's up with all the dr's appts?? Did I miss something? I hope you are okay!

Traci has set up a blog for KC and so I spent most of last night tryiing to figure out how to add an image across the top like yours cause that is just too kewl!

Dh thought he could help me, but turns out he is as lost as I am, so I hope between Zahra and you ;) I can get it working. LOL!

Keep up the good work!