Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Post

So I just got this e-mail from my friend click here to check it out. I am falling off my chair laughing my butt off right now! Holy that was good! Needless to say I made a few and sent them off to a few friends! So check your e-mail! ;)
Today was kinda blah. I can't believe I haven't scrapped since forever! The last page I did was the one of my shoes. WOW! That has been like what a few weeks now?! I wanted to scrap today, but wasn't really feeling it, so I passed. I want to scrap I just don't have the oomph! And I have soooo much new stuff to! Like gobbs! Geeze what's it gonna take for me to get inspired another order? LOL Shhh don't tell me hubby. ;) Ahh, maybe tomorrow will be a more inspiring day! Heh.
Well last night we watched King Kong. I personally LOVED IT!!! Naomi Watts is stunning! We let Timmy watch it with us and covered his eyes on those eerie parts including the attach of giant insects. Ewwww Gross! Omgosh, I had to covered my own eyes too! I cannot bear seeing stuff like that. Getting back to the point now, the movie was terrific! The end was so sad, even though I already knew the story I still cried like a baby! It was sooo awful. :( What was adorable though was my Timmy cried too! Awwwww. He was so sad that King Kong died and didn't get to be with the girl forever. First movie that touch my little boys heart! So cute! If you haven't seen it you might wanna get it! It's really long but so worth it!
Alright signing off here! Catch you all tomorrow! Muuuuahhhh!!!!


Janelle said...

Hey there Mara! Nice to see ya!

~ms318i~ said...

hey wanna scrap?.......well i challenge you to scrap a page.....and new page with your new me when you're done.........and i will send you 'timmy' a rak !!!!!! aussie rak !!!!! just for you don't want to to deprive him of an aussie rak do ya........start scrapping babe ! :)