Thursday, July 01, 2010


How can it be two months since my last post?
Man I'm bad. I don't get how time just slips away. I also don't get how people can keep up with blogging so well. I envy them. :(
I want to be a good blogger I do. Really I do. I will try.
What has happened since I've been away??? Well we celebrated Ayden's 2nd birthday. Yes, my baby is two years young now. Don't ask me how it happened. He is such a big boy, people always think he's three. He's tough and loves icecream. :) That make mama happy. My all time favorite "food" is icecream. The cutest thing is he calls it cake. And anytime he hears the word birthday he starts clapping his hands and says cake with the biggest grin. HaHa It's priceless. And I am loving it.
We also celebrated about 8 other birthdays a family reunion a graduation and welcomed a new sweet little niece to the family. Now we have Fourth of July coming up and Timmy will be ten at the end of the month. Gosh. My little dude will be a teenager before I know it. :( The other day he decided to let me in on a little FYI, it went a little something like this...
timmy: So Mom?
me: Yeah?
timmy: Ayden's taking over my old nickname "buddy" and you can just call me dude, ok?
me: Um... Ok, dude. **snicker**
timmy: laughs
HaHaHa I thought it was funny and so Californian of him. HeeHee Love that kid. :)
Ok so now what am I going to do with this blog??? I need a way to keep my readers interested and not feel like I'm too boring to blog, cause I totally am a boring writer. HaHa Just not really my forte. So I'm thinking how bout a theme for a few days out of the week? Something like...
Flickr Friday
Etsy Wednesday
Inspo Monday (cause we all need inspo the beginning of the week). :)
And I'll randomly post anything I work on on Tuesdays or Thurdays.
And if you have any ideas please share cause I'm drowning here folks. HaHa I need ideas on how to keep up. :)
And since I still have pages to share from the wedding album I created and I don't want to leave this post photoless here are a few more...
Thanks to all of you who still have faith and check in now and again.
I will be back on Monday with my first Inspirational Monday post. See you then.
**Kiss Kiss**


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

duuude. hahah that is cute!

Oh, and I like your schedule. I tried that once. haha

I understand. BIG families, tons of parties and stuffs...
means NO time for blogging. I TOTALLY understand.

Nina said...

Your blog posts are always worth waiting for. BEAUTIFUL stunning work as always. Skip the guilt and blog when you feel like it! Your true fans will follow your blog no matter what. Blogging and scrapping is supposed to be pure fun, and there's more to life than that, right?

Renata Moni said...

love your blog! faves for sure!
hugs from Brazil!