Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Layouts and Things I Want

It's Tuesday and a beautiful one at that. Today is overcast and a bit windy. Its 73 degrees out and absolutely perfect! Timmy came home from school and went out to fly his kite. Don't you agree "kite flying weather" is thee best? *Smile*
Today I am sharing a few more pages I've done for the Wedding Album I was asked to create. I really do love this album a lot. I sure miss it. I would look through everyday and usually more than once. If you haven't noticed I included manilla tags throughout every page of this album. It was a fun way for me to tie it all in together along with butterflies and little puffy heart stickers. :) Tags are my latest obsession since getting back into scrapping. I purchased them here at this little shop called Mattiecakes on Etsy so I wouldn't have to buy a whole slew of them at an office supply store. Another reason why I heart Etsy.
And here are three more pages with close ups. I hope you enjoy seeing them.
Incase you didn't know I celebrated my birthday last month. I got a huge surprise. First you should know that over the years I've been using a Nikon D50. A simple camera for a simple girl. Right before this year started the lens that came with my camera basically died. It stopped focusing. So that wasn't such a big deal... I had three other lenses. :) But then... My camera started doing weird things. This was a big deal. I took it in and the guy said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. My picture taking had come to a halt. Sad. I'd been eyeing a camera for a while the D300s. I'm a Nikon girl. *Smile* So guess what hubby told me I could finally get... You know, since it was my birthday and all. HeeHee Yup The Nikon D300s! This camera is crazy cool! There are so many things I need to learn about it and it seems like every time I open the manual I find out something new I didn't think could be done. It's a dream. So this is where the title of my post comes in... Things I want. Although it should say things I want and think I need. *Laugh* Have you seen the Epiphanie Bags? Well if you haven't then get over to the site and check them out! I want Belle badly! She's been calling my name since I got my camera. HaHa Figures, a girl is never content. But seriously that's not the case. The point is I want something to take care of my little (or not so little) D300s. She needs a nice cozy home and this is definitely the one for her. Its gorgeous... *Swoon* So guess what's on my Mother's Day list?
Well I'm off to make dinner. Chocolate cake too. Yum. Parents are heading this way, I better skeedattle.


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

its nice to see you back love!

I need a new camera too. The last one I got was for my MA graduation!! Ugh. NOT a birthday! UGH spoiled brat! lol


Melonie said...

Totally loving this album!! Beautiful:) Have fun with the new camera!

just lisa said...

you always have such beautiful detailed work....love it!!

Congrats on the new camera!!