Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy February!!!

Hi all! Back from CHA and it was a blast! I worked at the Pink Pailsee Booth for the morning of the first two days. It was so delish! Rebecca does sucha great job setting things up... And of course Barry too. He's cool. HaHa. It was so much fun meeting some of my favorite designers IRL. I got to meet Adrienne and Celine! Omgosh they are so gorgeous! Seriously they are stinkin' beautiful, I love them!!! I also had a chance to meet Vicki Boutin... She is priceless! Seriously she's so much fun. I adore her! :) I also got to meet Allison at the Hambly booth. She's so cute and super sweet. Oh I got to meet Vivianea. She is so pretty and tall and should totally be a model! :) She's great. I also saw Melissa Frances at her booth and Heidi Swapp at her booth as well. I have to admit I was a bit shy to walk up to people and just assume they'd know who I am. HaHaHa I also met some other wonderful ladies from two peas. Oh and ran into an October Afternoon gal, Stacey Kingman, on the trolly to Disneyland. HaHa That was funny. And of course I hung out at the Sassafras booth which was so adorable! Holy cow! And the chics at the booth are THEE funnest! I loved them all! I could of just sat at that booth the whole time, but I really didn't wanna be in the way. LOL It was great to be at the show. So much new stuff coming out it's so hard to choose faves. So many companies and so much stuff that's not scrapbooking that could totally be incorporated. Ugh I'm so glad I don't have a store there's no way I would be able to pick and choose. It's crazy. I did take fotos, but those will have to wait because I forgot my camera in my friends car. Blah. So who's excited about the month of love?! I "heart" February and Valentine's day. So fun and what a wonderful thing to celebrate... LOVE. I've decided to do something fun here on my blog (lets see if I can keep it up). HeeHee I want to do 10 days of Love. I will post a love themed project every day for the next 10 days starting today and on the 10th day I'll have a love themed kit to give away. Today's LOVE Project comes straight from the oven! And of course it's cupcakes! :) Everybody loves cupcakes! Today's project is quite simple. All you'll need are some craft sticks, some Love Bird Tags from Shabby Chic Crafts, some ribbon, and heart stickers, but I figure rhinestones would work just as well. Just make your bows small enough put a glue dot on the back then stick it onto you tag add your sticker or rhinestone then glue it to the craft stick and insert them into your cakes. Now you have adorable festive cupcakes to give out. Everyone will love you for it. And come on they're look much better than just plain ol' cuppycakes. HaHa Be sure you come back tomorrow for day 2 of 10 Days of Love. Thanks for stopping by, and do share a link if you give this a try. I know todays inspo is simple so for some added inspo check out this link at AmericanCrafts for tons of great Valentine's Day projects! Smooches~


Beth Perry said...

Cute cupcake toppers! Can't wait to see some more inspo! :P

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Dude, No, Are you fo'real? You can't "copy" me ugh! *stomps feet* I've had enough. *pout* Don't you know I totally created love projects? hahah *wink* Girl, I think you leave me no choice, I'm going to sick my lawyer on you...


Dude, yeah, I know I "stole" your cupcake idea. Love me! I think our tags are the bomb on those! hahah Can't wait to see all them projects!! Oh, and 10. Dang, get to it!!! :)


Jingle said...

These are adorable!!! And I do so love cupcakes!

Christina Padilla said...

sounds like you had a blast!! Cha is so fun! Are your feet ok? lol

those cupcakes are soooooooo darling!!! :)


Viviane said...

You are too sweet!!
And very pretty.
It was super nice meeting you :)
I'm shy to walk up to people too.(I think you figured that out...)

Can't wait to see all the projects!!