Friday, February 06, 2009

Day#6 - FRIDAY!!!

Oh boy, I'm so glad it's the weekend! :) And to make things even better Monday is a holiday. Weeeeeee LOL
Alright lets get right into it now...
Today's project is a go green project! It's a Candy Valentine. I'm sure these have been made before, but I don't know of anyone specifically. Here's a pic of what you'll need...
So here it is using my American Craft Brad packaging. So fun! It's totally simple to all you need is the packaging and the little card that comes in it, some scraps (great way to use those scraps), a hole punch, some ribbon, candy, a few flowers and a couple of stickers or whatever embellishments you want to use! :)
Take the card that card that comes in the packaging and just trace it and cut it out. Put your candies in the packaging, I used Peanut M&Ms, then punch two holes in the top side by side, thread your ribbon through the holes, tie a bow add the flowers or whatever embellishments you preffer. I also added a few stickers to the front of mine. Now you have an adorable Valentine. If you had enough of these... Which I totally do... You and your kids could make these for their classroom. That would be cool. My son says their too girlie... He's crazy he'd rather have dinosaur Valentine's. Hmph... Boys... ;)
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. It's rainy here so we're staying indoors, pizza and a movie. :)


Katie Watson said...

Do you know how mad I am right now over all the packages that I have thrown away? Every time I threw one away I agonized over it and thought........."Oh, what can I do with this and I KNOW I'll regret throwing it away!!" and now I do! Very cute and very green (and kind of red and pink!)!

Christina Padilla said...

I'm with ^^^^.
I just threw a slew of those babies away. dang.

totally cute MM! love it!

irene said...

Love this. Also great for a birthday treat for my son in his class. And the good thing is I've two more months to make them before he's turning 7. Thanks for this awesome idea. Bye Irene fom the Nethelands