Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Golly...

The random picked winner is Miss Molly (from Kentucky)...
LOL I couldn't help mysel, sorry I know totally cheesey. :)
And Zarah (from Sweden) I'd love to share some of the Prima Journaling Notes with you and maybe a few other small goodies! :)
If you could please look under my profile to the right there, by my pic. you will find my e-mail address. Send me your addys and they'll be in the mail asap. :)
Thanks to everyone who participated! Giveaways are so fun. I love getting free goodies. Hooray! So it looks like most of us get inspo from other bloggers and of course Miss Martha Stewart. I get lots of inspo from other blogs listed here under I <3>
For instance I made these Christmas Trees because Danielle Thompson's were amazing. Mine are nowhere near as fabulous as hers, but I try. :) You must check it out on her blog HERE and make one, they are so easy and completely satisfying!
Another quick Christmas craft is paper stockings. Using the fabulous Sassafras Life At the Pole again I created this little cutie. So much fun and so little time. I just drew a stocking shape freehand and layered two pieces of patterned paper (for front and back) and then cut it out and sewed it. For all the details I just used a few punches and some rhinestones, added some ribbon, put some marabou for foo-foo, and ta-da... A sweet stocking to stuff for someone special!
So many things I want to create and Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes!!! Well I have a swell creation for the Pink Paislee blog that I just adore and it will be posted over there soon. Oh and if you haven't submitted your app for the PP team you better get to it, today's the last day!
Good luck and I'm hoping to post at least once more before Christmas.
Love ya laters peeps


Zarah said...

Me?! *does the happy dance* YAY!! Wow - you just gave my day a FLYING start, thank you!!!

Your stocking is just aaadorable, and I am SO making a christmas tree like that, next year! :D

Gonna check Danielle's out too- thx for the link! :D

Tea said...

I love that stocking! :) Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Tamara Nicole said...

That stocking is soooo cute! And I fell you on the whole wanting to create everything before x-mas! i made some cute recipe books for my girl's x-mas party, x-mas cards, and lots and lots of sewing of gifts and making jewelry, but there just isn't enough time ya know?! well happy creating, your projects are beautiful!!!

Mollie said...

Holy Cow! :) yay! I'm pumped! thanks! And don't worry, I get the good golly Miss Mollie thing all the time! haha I'm used to it by now and I've learned to love it. :)

Christina Padilla said...

Cute cute creations MM! love em and merry christmas!

Corien XXX said...

I just Love your work!! AND, I left you a little award on my blog! =)
Happy New Year!!!!!

Christine said...

These projects are simply fabulous, Mara May! Your tree is awesome, and the stocking is adorable! Love it, love it!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's and that this coming year is filled with many blessings!

Hugs and love,

I just read that you'll be teaching at the Reflections Event in May! Woohoo! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to attend, and have the opportunity to meet you in person! That would be so cool! ;-D

Anonymous said...

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