Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's My Due Date...

And there is still no baby! LOL He must be mighty comfy in Mommy's belly. :o) Time for me to get him uncomfortable and out here to meet everyone. HeeHeeHee So many people waiting to meet my little bundle of joy. Gosh, I can't wait to see him, and kiss those chubby cheeks, and smell those tiny toes. Ooooo-weeeee yittle baby come out!

Here are some fotos I've taken... They're from last week..

I hope all you Mamas had a fabulous Mother's Day! I had a great Mother's Day. Anytime spent with family is always the best! We went to my brother's house where he BBQed and then everyone jumped in the pool. The weather has been getting so hot. It was like 93 that day! WOW! That's nuts for May. I dread this summer. Ugh. I'm already running the AC. I can't stand the heat. Anyways back to Mother's Day here's a picture of the flowers I bought for my mom and her card.

Also my Roses from Mother's Day...

Here's a Mother's Day card I did for the
Prima blog...

And just because I adore this layout so much of my niece and her funny "Punky Tails"... Used lotsa Sass! So delish! Look how bright and fun this stuff is!

And some close ups to show you how much I adore the new Sass Blossoms! And using pop dots! And sewing! And distressing the heck outta my papers! And And And... LOL

Before I go be sure to check out the
Pink Paislee Blog tomorrow! It's my turn to post a project! So much fun stuff being posted by all of us DTers over there, be sure you bookmark it! ;o)
Well I headed out the door for a walk to get this baby out. Cross your fingers I'll be back soon with baby pic.s! :o)



Leah said...

Very cute preggo pics! :) Love the card you did for Prima, saw it over at their blog earlier. And love the layout too!

Christine said...

Thinken ' about you hun. I so remember those days. Actually, my little guy arrived two weeks early, but I was ready to deliver him when he arrived. It's an exciting time. The curiosity is overwhelming at this point. Sending you an early congrats sweetie! -Christine

Tracey said...

Adorable belly you got there!
*fingers crossed* that your little bundle of sweetness decides to come out and play soon! :D

Take care mara

Sandra said...

Hope your baby-boy is coming soon and everything will be alright! :)
Love your LO! So colourful and bright! *gg*

Cass said...

Cute piccies! Hope all goes smoothly for the arrival of your little one.

Veronica said...

Dang, girl I thought you popped. Oh, man, oh, man get him outta there before the central Cali heat starts up...you know the kind, uh, that, melt your MAC make-up when you open the car door...eeekkk! lol The weather was nice today.

Hey, and dude, did anyone ever tell ya, your little preggo belly-button looks like a mouth, saying "ahhh"?? hehe. SO frick'n cute!!

Inge said...

Hope your little sweetheart is coming soon!! I've got your rak from shabby chic today! Thank you!!! They are really great!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

aaahhh all the oictures are super cute!
but your baby belly is the cutest!
good luck,
can't wait to meet your newest gift.

Anna Sigga said...

WOW - you look fabulous with your belly and I can't wait to see pics. It is soooooo hard to wait - I went 12 days over my due data and it was ever so hard to wait! But it is totally worth it - take care!

Ps. love the layout!

Lea L. said...

Such cute photos and projects!! I bet you are excited for your new bundle of joy to make an appearance! :)

Have a great day,

Donna. said...

Hope the little guy has decided to show up by now. Cut elast minute pics and layout!!!

Off to check out Pink Paislee...

Maria said...

LOVE the layout!!! And super cute preggo pics :-)

TiteC said...

this reminds me of my first pregnancy (back in 2004)
my boy just wouldn't get out !! lol

be patient... this is gonna be soooo wonderful !

xxx from France


tammy kay said...

look at that bump!

I can't believe that it has been nine months already!

So happy for you and can't wait to "meet" the little guy!



ZoomZoomZoom said...

this is so exciting!!! get some sleep and take it easy, I'm thrilled for you! 8)

Scrappermania said...

Hermoso layout!
Cute pictures!

Lynda said...

Oh you prpbably have your little right now and having the most beautiful cuddle.Good luck and enjoy.

Charin said...

Your baby bump is adorable! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your new little man :)
Love your card and page!

Alexa said...

Good luck with the bith! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!. Love your layout. :)

Kristina said...

Your belly is beautiful, and so are you. I can understand the waiting...

Love the "punky tails" layout. Amazing papers and colours. And the girl is just adorable. :)

Hope your had a great weekend.


tammy kay said...

okay lovie,

i know that they baby has to be out by now. the suspense is killin me.


Anonymous said...

Any baby yet Mara?

I had a dream last night that you had...

Hope all is well... thinking of you, Jamie

Meg said...

I hope that by now your little one is here. If not, hang in there!

Mollie said...

I hope the reason that we haven't heard from you is because you had your baby! :) I hope everything went as smooth as possible! Can't wait to see some pictures!! Congrats!!! :)

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.

Baba said...

J'adore ta page "Punky Tails" elle est vraiment superbe!!!!!! Bravo !!!

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