Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yup that's me. Cloud nine. I'll tell you why in just a few. :)
I promised to come back with scrappy goods and fotos. So lets start with a few fotos...

The other day I was sitting here at my desk when I glance up for a moment and noticed these two stacks of ribbons by two jars of candies. It was funny how they perfectly matched and so I took pictures of them. They made me smile. Hopefully they'll make you too. The colors are so spring and so pretty! Mmmmmmmm

Lookie what came to me in a the mail a few days ago.

Guess who's been playing too. I never knew stamps could be so much fun! I plan to incorporate them into my scrapping now as much as possible! I love the look stamps give... Perfect touches. :)

So here's a page using ALL Pink Paislee that I've finished. I have other "Pink" projects in the works and just looking at this stuff makes me wanna create. I love their products. And if you love distressing, you will adore the way this paper distresses. It's freakin' awesome!

Now onto another layout. This layout is using the latest Sassafras papers. I "heart" this orange floral piece of paper very very much. It's makes me ga-ga. It's from the Pocket Full of Rosies line, it's called Piccadilly and it's the reverse side. Omgosh it makes me happy just looking at it's wonderful orange self. LOL Love the way this page came out too. :)
PHOTO CREDIT: Cherry Photography

Soooooo... Speaking of Sassafras...
Guess who was asked to be a part of the team?
I WAS!!!!!
I was freaking out when Miss Hayley asked me. I was like for real? I pretty much had to slap myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
She was totally for-real!
I am sooooo excited to be part of such a fun and amazing team.
Thank you so much Hayley! You make my life fabulous. HeeHee
Am I lucky errr what?!

Oh and more about the Sass... Have you guys checked out the Sweet Spud's Kit this month. WOW! I got my Woodgrain kit yesterday and there is seriously soooo much stuff in it. I was drooling for like 10 minutes straight. HaHaHa Gina totally rocked this one. I can't wait to play with it all. :)
Sad news though...
This will be my last month at Sweet Spud's. With all my new opportunities and a baby almost here I just know I won't be able to give it my all. So to be fair to this awesome kit club I decided to step down. Gina has been so awesome about the whole thing too. Thank so much girl for all you did and allowing me to be a part of your rockin' kit club. I'm gonna miss stalking my mail man for the Spud boxes. It was fun! :)

Well how bout some good news?

Have you all heard what's going on on Saturday April 12th?
There's gonna be a party...
One that everyone can join in on cause it's right here on the web...

Make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

Well it's off to bed for me. I've got lots to do tomorrow and I'm exhausted...


Aline said...

Mara, huge congrats!! So excited for you, you are the perfect addition to the team. Love the layout you did with the Sassafrass paper as well as the Pink Paislee ones.
Congrats again! :)

Cass said...

Love the photos of the candies next to the ribbons. Eating and scrapping - two of my favourite pastimes! :)
Congrats on your new position on the Sassafras Lass team.

Julie said...

WTG Girl! You have some awesome goodies and tasks coming your way.Great LO's btw!

Donna. said...

CONGRATS!!!! Making the Sass Lass Team is just awesome!

I'm also really loving the pink paisley stuff too! Love your layout with that!

Linda said...

OK so first, the los totally rock, and yes, the pics did put a smile on my face, and next WOW....Congrats to you and well deserved. Love your work.

michelle said...

congrats on the DT! love the pure bliss page. so freaking gorgeous!

You can call me Lucky. said...


You are fabulous and I just adore your work! They are lucky to have YOU! :)

I am sad that I can't find that Pink Paislee around here! Wish my LSS would get it!!!

Katie said...

Your work is always SO AMAZING!!! I LOVE what youve done with the pink paislee and congrats on sassafrass!!! WAYYYYYYYYY AWESOME!!

Michelle said...

Wow!! Congrads on Sass!! That is beyond awesome!! So excited for the Paislee goodies to get to my door, too! yay! Way to rock it! =)

That's me. Manon. said...

I just found your site and allready love it.
these things are great. I'm really jealous about the ribbons.

That's me. Manon. said...

I just found your site and allready love it.
these things are great. I'm really jealous about the ribbons.

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

beautiful projects as always! ;)

Anna Sigga said...

WOW!!!! The pile of PP products is just too pretty and huge congrats on the Sasafrass Lass DT!!

Charin said...

Yay!!! Huge congrats, girl! You are super duper adorable and I love your scrappy style :)
Those pictures *did* make me happy!

Melissa said...

SPOILED rotten is what you are with your delicious little stash, haha---you know you totally deserve it though. Look at your amazing work girl---I LOVE ya!

tammy kay said...

girl, you are on fire!!!!

I need some tips and advice!!! So happy for you though.

Kiss that belly for me!

Tammy Kay

Anabelle said...

AWESOME projects! Congrats on SL!!!

Anonymous said...

omgsh GIRL super huge mega congrats on that!!! I can't think of a better person to be on their dt!!! all those pics=SUCH eye candy!!!
hugs, Adrienne

{ME} said...

Yay for Sassafras.
Your work is awesome.
I am very excited for YOU!