Thursday, March 06, 2008


Can you believe I still have a sinus infection! UGH! I can't rid myself from this. Anyways this is what I have had for a good 3 weeks now. It had me so sick. I was in bed for most of it. Miserable too. :( I didn't want to take any medication cause first of all I don't like drugs and second I definitely don't like drugs when I'm expecting. So yeah. We're doing much better now. My baby is getting so big too. I can't sit very long he is in my ribs all the time. Such discomfort. He moves SO much. It's adorable and I love it. He gets the "hippups" everyday. HeeHeeHee Too cute.

Not much scrapping since I've been so sicky. I did finish my layouts for Sweet Spud's this month. Here are a few faves I did and the rest you can see in the Sweet Spud's DT Gallery or at the Sweet Spud's flickr group. :) If you receive the kits make sure you join so we can see what you all are coming up with!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Did you all hear my latest and greatest news?
I'm on the Pink Paislee DT!!!! Whoohooooooweeeeeee!!!! How cool is that? If you haven't had a chance to check out the new lines you must go see them. And they are already shipping to stores. That's right you can already buy some of this yummy paper. How cool is that? VERY! :) I am seriously humbled to be a part of this team. The DT is amazing. I am totally inspired by them. I can't wait to get started. Good Stuff.

Here are a few more layouts just before I go. I'll be back soon though. I'm having scrapbooking withdrawls. LOL

My layout for the AC blog gallery from last month. :)
And the awesome Hayley from Sassafraslass sent me a bunch of their papers back in November and I barely had a chance to play with them. I can't believe how gorgeous this paper is IRL. It's so bold the colors are so rich and I love the weight of the paper. It's such good quality! I can't wait to get their new papers. Woohoo! Thanks Hayley for letting me play! <3

Oh almost forgot... The new look... HA! My banner is made up from lots of different elements from PrimaHybrid. Just getting the hang of digi. I kinda suck, I know, but I love it anyways. Heh.
Okay gotta get to bed now.
Love ya much~


Vee said...

sorry you are still sick love!! :(
you have been cranking out some awesome stuff, congrats on Pink Paislee!! I was excited to see your name there :)

Amy Coose said...

Hope you feel better soon. I LOVE your work, and can't wait to see what you do with Pink Paislee!!! Congrats!

Amber Ulmer said...

HeyHey!!! I am so glad ur feeling a tad better... and dude... you are the manufactuer DT Queenie!!!! Awesome!!! So proud of you lovely!!

Happay said...

the new look really brightens up the page. (and it's easier on my eyes to read)
love the first LO you posted - so cute!

and of course, congrats on the PPDT

feel better soon so you are back in the scrappy mode!

Wendy Reed said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh hope you feel better girl!

Freak assed CUTE layouts!


Eglantine said...

Magnifique LOs !!!!!!!!!
J"aime tout ce que tu fait
Congrats !

Charin said...

Huge congrats on making the Pink Paislee DT! :) I can't wait to play with their products, so adorable! :)

Kate said...

O gosh do I love your LOs....hope you're feeling better! I bought a kit from etsy from you recently and I just wanted to tell you I LOVE IT!! I already am fighting my mom for half the things in it :) Thanks again!!

MsGrace said...

super cool stuff.
Hope you feel better soon.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the DT! Re: the infection...I have gotten 1 or 2 a year since I was 3yo, so I totally feel your pain - NOT FUN :(

Oh, I'm preg too (delivering on Monday 3/10) and I had an ear infection AND and lung infection during this pregnancy. Hang in there :)

Anabelle said...

Awesome layouts!!! Love how they are all so bright and colorful! Congrats on PP! So excited to be on the team with you.

Mimi73 said...

You're so talented!

Loooove your work so colourful!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad to have you on our team!!! Can't wait to see your awesome projects! :-)

Pink Paislee

Michelle (Michelle_Blueiez) said...

I'm glad your starting to feel better and Congratulations on making the DT for Pink Paislee!

michelle said...

these are so beautiful! love them all! Hope you feel better..

Jill Deiling said...

beautiful layouts! congrats on making the pink paisley dt! I can't wait to see what you make for them!!

Amber Risher said...

Glad you are feeling better!
P.s you are amazing!!!

The end

Lacintha said...

love your style..and I have an award for you on my blog :)

Scrappermania said...

Love your stuff! This is absolutely beautiful! Hope you feel better soon.

Melonie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love the new stuff and HUGE Congrats on Pink Paislee!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Hope you feel better! Cute pages, as always:-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats chica on the design team!!! I totally LOVEEE your card and layouts :D
I'm moving to Orange, CA in April...are you close to there??? :)

Baba said...

Là elle sont toutes splendide je suis fan!!!