Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Look, Sneaks, and my Etsy

Hello strangers! :) I'm here with a new look for my precious blog that I always neglect. :( This year I need to be a better blogger. HeeHee I think I said that last year. *rolls eyes* The tags used in my new banner are from Elle's Studio and LivingRoomFloor! I <3 tags!

Anyways can you tell I'm so ready for Valentine's Day? Ugh I love Valentine's Day! All the pretty colors and all the candy and goodies. Mmmmmm I'm feeling so creative this last week so I wanted to share some peeks of What I've been doing...

And when I get creative I get messy. HaHaHa Have a look for yourself... This is my desk and some closeups of what's on there.

Oh have you been to my Etsy shop? I've loaded lots of new kits. Some cute mini kits too. As a resolution for this year I decided to stay purged. LOL Another words if I'm not using it I want to be rid of it! Which means etsy kits more often. HaHa So have a look you miay like something in there. :)

Hey guess what? I'm almost 6 months pregnant now! Weeeeeeeeeeee. I am seriously having the best time being pregnant. I feel good! And I get to wear cute clothes. HeeHeeHee So I took this foto yesterday to share here! :) Can you see the little bump there?

YAY!!!! It's a baby! And this little baby moves sooooo much now! It's so adorable and I can't help smiling every time! This pregnancy has truly brought me so much joy. I forgot how exciting it is to be growing a little being inside myself. I thank God everyday for this child. I am truly a blessed girl.

We have not found out what we are having yet, but I'm pretty sure my schedule for next week will hold this info. I will shout it from the roof tops as soon as I find out, so you all will definitely hear me! HaHaHa

Oh and here are my layouts from Sweet Spuds January Kit. Can you tell I had a blast with it?!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. Today I'm just kicking back relaxing. I love being in my pajamas all day. :P


Charin said...

Love the new blog look! :) And your scrap desk is covered in yumminess! :) I want to come hang out! ha ha
I know you must be *so* ready to find out what you guys are having!

Anonymous said...

Love those layouts! I have got to get those kits!

Vee said...

love your banner girl!!
awesome peeks, can't wait to seee more and so happy you are doing well!! :) you look so cute with your baby bump!!
kisses :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love seeing my stuff on your blog !!!!

Viviane said...

I love that you updated your blog :)
I visit it almost every day *wink*
Love the peeks and you look so cute in the picture.

Nessa said...

i'm so happy to read you!! and happy reading you're really fine
the new design of your blog is great and the layouts are so so so fab!!
you rock my dear!!
i like you so much

YMBD said...

I've just checked out your etsy shop for the first, time... those kits are so yummy! Your studio looks very much like mine, stuff all over the place. Congrats on the baby! It's nice to hear about women who are enjoying their pregnancy rather than complaining!

lilith said...

come on this is not a mess! I mean, it's clean for me!
and so happy everything is going well with the baby !!!

michelle said...

love the new look! you look so cute!

Nessa said...

hi mara
thank you so so so much for your comment on my blog! you make my day

there's something (some words) 4 you on my blog (in english of course!!!-

look at this


Sharmaine said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!!!
Love your work :)

Elle's Studio said...

Hey girly! Thanks so much for the link, you rock! Love the layouts and the new banner too - AWESOME!!

Eolande said...

You write very well.

Baba said...

J'adore ces pages, surtout la page "Résolution"