Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm just stopping in to say HEY ALL!!! And so I can tell Miss Tammy Kay that I have updated my blog. LOL I hope everyone is enjoying their "almost 4th of July celebration"! HeeHeeHee

And have you guys seen this?!!

It's the RVAKit!! Can you say YUM! And I have it here sitting on my desk it is more delicious in real life. You can purchase yours right here. Make sure you get one before they are GONE.

Also wanted to let you know my Etsy shop has been updated. New things ladies go check em out. LOL Fun stuff that Etsy. I find myself spending waaaay too much time and money there! Ha!

Okay and just because you love it...

Oh yeah hey Jann!!!! The lip color in my two pic.s are from MAC (of course LOL). In the first pic I am wearing Pinkarat and the second pic I am wearing Florabundance. HaHa. Thanks for askin'!

Now go have fun with your families! Try to keep cool it's gonna be a hot one! :)


Anonymous said...

cool photos as always Mara... love them.. and she's such a friggin cutie!!!

Thanks so much for the lip colour... love the first one too... gonna have to pick some up for myself... then of course send you a pic! lol ;)

cheers... enjoy your 4th :)

jannie-poo! ;)

Elle's Studio said...

Great pics!! I am in LOVE with that shirt! So cute!!

a little about me and my life said...

you do love me. I love you too. (kiss, kiss)

Can't wait to see what you do with that amazing kit. So happy for you!!!

Vee said...

kit looks yummy, I know you will rock it! :)
happy 4th! :)
smooches :)

Christine said...

Cute pics girl! Hope you're staying cool this July 4th Holiday. It's great to see an update..luv all the goodies. Good Luck with the kit..your layouts will be awesome as usual.

michelle said...

that rak is fabulous! loving those pictures!

shelly b said...

gorgeous pics!!

amytangerine said...

ordered the kit and can't wait to get it. very cool pics!

sohpiasmom said...

The RVA kit looks soooooo yummy! Hope you had a fun 4th!!


lisa garay said...

hey you,
just popped in to say hi.
i love peeking in to see all of your eye-candy!
have a great weekend, sweetie!

Breanne Crawford said...

LOVE those photos. they are kickass.

nessa said...

great pics!! i love your blog i discover thanks to celine navarro!!!