Friday, June 01, 2007


Internet and blog withdrawals seriously here people! LOL I haven't stopped all day today until NOW. That's insane for me. I am EXHAUSTED.

I can't believe I have been so blog absent. And not just from my blog. From everyone Else's too! I am soooo sorry if I haven't been by your blog to leave love. :( Totally bummed about that too. I wanna see what everyone has been up to. Gosh!

Even as busy as I am today I knew I had to come here and say a little somethan. So it's 11:00 pm and I'm ready to hit the hay. LOL What is up with that saying anyways. Hay isn't even comfy. It's all pokey and itchy.. Sooooo not like my nice fluffy King! LOL Okay yeah I'm tired. Maybe too tired to even be blogging right now. HaHaHa Please ignore me. Ha!

Okay so I did scrapbook the other day. Don't ask me how I fit it into my schedule, but some freaking how I did! I mean come on when one gets some of the highly desires Love, Elsie in da mail how can one not play? So not only did I use my new goodies... I STOPPED using that kit I made (and was obsessed with lol) and did the One Little Word Challenge. I had to do it! It was Amber's word this week! Go AMBER! And lemme just give a little shout out to her while I am here... Hey Amber! I LOVE the layouts you've done for me. I am so sorry I haven't had the time to go and comment them personally or e-mail you back. Pweeeease don't hate me. LOL I loves ya chica. You know that! That's why I did your challenge! :) Cheeeeeze.

Okay I'm done. LOL I am ready to share some layouts! :o) These three layouts are all so totally and completely opposite from each other I am surprised I dished them out that way. I'm a mad woman when it comes to scrapping. Talk about mood swings. LMBO
Now then for the first one it is with the famous kit I put together. HaHaHa And is a foto of my SIL whom I adore. I had sucha hard time with the title for this page. Finally I came up with Sweet. Which I personally think is soooo chummy. So if you have any suggestions I am open to dismantling that title for the 5 Th time. LOL
The second one is of my niece whom I adore MORE. lol And I used some bomb Scenic Route For a contest over at ScrapbookGoddess. I &hearts this page so much. It's so simple, but it just feels so strong. The picture is totally random, but I just love it to pieces.
And the third is of Timmy. Whom I adore the absolute most. :) Using some of the BEST EVER Love, Elsie line. YUM YUM! And I had a blizast putting together. Come on how can I not have fun. Look at that paper. And what goes better but the wonderful ColorIt buttons. Hello?! HeeHee

Now I gotta go to sleep. When I see this sometime tomorrow I will probably re-read it laugh at how lame I am and then want to delete it. Bawhahaha But I won't.

So okay.

See ya'all soon!!!

~Much love~


Eminepala said...

Hey girl

those layouts are amazing...

I know what you're talking about.. I NEED TO CHECK EVERYONE WHO LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG.. sometimes it's over 40 so you can guess what my fingers look like after i'm finished LOL


Vee said...

missed ya girl!!
love love your los
you are amazing
hope you had a good night's sleep!

sohpiasmom said...

Love these...they are the best! Your One Little Word page is just're rockin' the layouts girl (even though you're!

*~*Amber*~* said...

dude.... AMAZING.... ur layouts are incredible... and Im so glad that you LOVE the layouts I did of you... and it's all good... i expect some love from you though! we gotta catch up!! Xoxo

Ronda P. said...

I love it! All your layouts are amazing!

One Little Word

ms318i said... missed ya blogs.......but so worth the wait. you always make me laugh and smile. and your pages are amazing as always ! so perfect for each person ! love the wings on your little nieces page !

and timmy is so growing ! hugz to my little mate

Lynn said...

absolutely gorgeous layouts... Love your stop layout!

one little word

Roos said...

great layouts , also great colors you used

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara... Love those layouts... especially the Angel one. Summer is always busier eh! ;)


miss morgan... said...

these are awes(ome)! i too just blew through some love, elsie. how can you not?!?! so glad to see a new entry, i just discovered your blog and then you were gone! haha. i totally go through those times too though! and, i was totally inspired by your kit creation and so i have my own in the works! thanks for the inspo!

a little about me and my life said...

sweetness, I am so happy to see you blogging again. Can't go too many days with out my colorful fix!

Love the layouts. I love the second one sooooo much. All of them are just awesome though. love your layout with the love elsie. so much fun!

did you ever get my picures?
hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Paula said...

Fabulous pages, all of them.
Great colours.

Christine said...

Oh myyy, so cool! Luv them all. I think it's fab you can combine "simple" with a bit of mess. One of those talents I'm look'en for right now. Great layouts.


Hi, dear! I was missing you!
Beautiful LOs!!

*fauve* said...

Awesome layouts girl!You totally rocked Elsie's line :)

michelle said...

these are so awesome! i love, love, love them!

Josh said...

You crack me up! So funny...but that is all good! Definetly know about being busy! Hope all is good and absolutely think the pages rock!

Have a great day!

Scrappermania said...

Love the layouts! absolutely georgeous!

iralamija said...

You make beautiful work!!! TFS!

Bety :)

celine navarro said...

can't get enough of your stuff, girl !!! i'm addicted to your blog now! :)

Baba said...

Très jolie, avec un coup de coeur pour la page simple mais belle "Stop"