Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A few days back Bethany was doing an interview on her blog. The way it works is You ask the peron who is taking the interview (me in this case) to give you one. :) So if you want me to interview you all you do is ask in the comments and leave your e-mail.
So here is mine...
1. What is your dream job?
My dream job would be, and I've said this before, having my own fotography studio near the beach.
2. What celebrity have you been told (or do you think) you look like?

That's a tough one... No one really has ever said I look like a celeb. except for after the Titanic came out, then a few people had suggested I look like Kate Winslet. Flattering and I almost see it. HaHaHa

3. What one of your possessions could you not live without and why?

Possesion.... Hmmmm I'm gonna have to go with my camera. Why I can't live without it... Well I wouldn't be able to scrapbook and I wouldn't have a passion for either without it.

4. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Most embarassing... Haven't had very many. First that comes to mind is durning a test in I in 4th grade I had a runny nose and one of the kids that sat by me made me laugh... I blew thee hugest snot bubble ever, it was as big as my little face. Sooooo Gross. I was horrified. LOL

5. Where do you see yourself (what will your life be like) 10 years from now?

10 years from now I will be 35 (dang!) and Timmy will be 16 (omgosh), I definitely will be living it up at the beach, driving around in my black RangeRover and scrapbooking for K.I. Memories. LMBO Too far fetched?

Thanks so much Bethany for the fun interview! Great questions and sorry if my answers are cheesey. LOL That's just me! :)
Don't forget if you want to be interviewed by me leave a comment and your e-mail.

On another note... I want to scrap, but the mo-jo is no-go! LMBO I have so much new stuff too. Guess I'm feeling overwhelmed. Blah. I dunno. Hope it comes to me fast. Send me some vibes.

Oh and I wanted to say HEY to all the new chicas who have been visiting my blog! So awesome to have you girls! I love seeing new faces. You girls are totally making me smile. Thanks for taking the time out to comment. :)

Okay before I leave here are a few pix... One more of me from yesterday which by the way I didn't win, but the girl that did totally takes the cake! Her (Hannah Joe) foto was RAD! Anyways this one is funny cause seriously omg well just look at it... HaHaHa Yeah I look like I think I'm all hot and junk, but if you know me that is totally not the case. LOL I must have gotten carried away! Heh.
And the others are of my niece Natalie. And OMGOSH I ADORE THIS CHILD!!! She's soooooooo beautiful and sweet and lovable! I just squeeze her up and she loves it! Mmmmmmmm

Alright Imma go create something!


Vee said...

interview me girlie!!
love your answers!
i love range rover too!! ;)
you have my email, chica!!
happy scrapping
still love your photo!!

staceyfike said...

i totally feel the no mojo overwhelment.....been there here lately....tried cleaning/'s creeping back but.....

*Fauve* said...

Sending you some vibes girl!Love reading your blog,smoochies!

ms318i said...

firstly............your niece is totally adorable. omg she has grown !

and you miss mojo.....well you just scrap me a little card and send it on its way cna also put a pic of yourself inside wink wink or timmy in that aussie t hey?

hugz your way girl

Anonymous said...

lol... I would totally love to be interviewed by you... it was so fun reading your answers... great post :) love that photo of you... you are so inspiring me to actually get off my butt and do something! ;)

hugs, Jann.

Greta said...

great pic...your niece is way cute

*~*Amber*~* said...

o girl... so presh!! look at you HOTTIE!!! and that niece of yours is presh!!! xoxo

Julie said...

Your little niece is adorable and those pics are certainly scrap worthy. I know you can rock a LO with all those bright colors she is wearing.