Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

It is so beautiful today! Well at least it is right now. The weather has just been fabulous... That is until about 2 o'clock. Then it gets HOT!!! Yuck. Where's spring taking off to so quickly? LOL Goodness

Yesterday I spent the day a t the zoo with Timmy's class. We had a good time. :) They got to feed and pet the Sting Rays. He loved it! It was so cute to watch him. He had a blast. Kids just love animals!

So lets see what else have I been up too? Well not much! HaHaHa I did get a chance to play with some of that yummy o' felt Tammy Kay sent to me. I made a few pins for Janniepoo. LOL AKA Jann. Heh. I hope you like them chica! I had so much fun making them! I love felt goodies! I'm gonna play some more today! Anywyas I made a felt cupcake. Isn't it so adorable?! I "heart" cuppycakes! Mmmmmmm It's so cute and little, like 3inches. I wanted to keep it all to myself, but I will make more. :)

Zebra Heart**


I went to Michael's the other day and bought some more Martha stuff. Why does her stuff have to bee so cute? I bought the most adorable little fabric strawberries. I wanna make my own now. HaHa You knew that was coming hey? Micahel's also had all kinds of new Making Memories goodies and Creative Imaginations stuff. Whaaaaaaaaaawhaaaaaaa! I want it all. Remember when I said I had to be good this month? Yeah I walked outta Michale's only spending $30! I dunno how I did it, but I did. There were so many things I wanted. I swear I gotta go back! LOL
But yeah moving on now. Must. Not. Dwell. On. It. HEEHEE
Ooooo I got my Tickled Pink Kit yesterday! Of course I will be playing tonight! Can't wait! I'll post layouts tomorrow!Go check out the kits and pick one up! They have the cutest mini album inside!!!! YAY!

Alright I'm out guys!


a little about me and my life said...

I love that you are putting that felt to good use. I love cupcakes too. My hubby calls Karigan "cupcake". I dunno way it just stuck.

I soo saw those strawberries and thought of you I swear I did.

Have a fab. day. chick!

ms318i said...

mara-may............how cute are this pins........how cute.......as cute as you lol

fab work AGAIN girl

*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl, I totally love those pins... make me one!!! w/a pink skull or a crown!! haha love ya sista!! Hey, did you see the layout I did for you?? it's on my blog about posts down and in my 2 peas gallery!!! so perfect for YOU!!! xoxo

sohpiasmom said...

I'm really lovin' the new stuff at Michaels right now too! I went there the other day and found my self some Martha stuff...and I saw those little felt strawberries...too cute!!

Anonymous said...

ok miss mara may... you so rock! and of course you're such a doll! Seriously though... like i said before, every time I read you blog something pulls me from the computer just prior to my comment on it! lol... always the way! lol. well, the buzzer just about went off (oven)... but had to ask Jeff to go get it! lol.... really had to reply! those pins are just so stinkin cute! and when i seen my name... well... I almost fell over... too sweet mara... really too sweet!

You better have entered the martha contest... she's been doing the winners all this week... and of course showing off all her fab stuff! love it!

sweet kisses your way!
Jann :) :) :) :) :)

Josh said...

Love the felt pins.....they are some how rocker and soccer mom at the same time lol! I love them though.

Thanks for the nice comments on blogger and myspace!

Have a great day!

iralamija said...

this are sooooocute!!



shelly b said...

Love those felt pins!! Now I'm gonna go to Micheals today. THANKS. Now I'm going to spend money. he,he!

adrienne said...

omgsh girl ok CAuuuuuuuute!!!! they got that young vibe going...that Cali vibe ;) haha. I lub it! You should sell them on etsy..I would totally buy the heart! Well so long as it wasn't like Juicy Couture expensive haha. Have fun with your kit tonight :)

sohpiasmom said...

Hi girlie...just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Hope your day is filled with lots of love :)

I'll be sending your interview to ya today :)

Vee said...

love these pins girl!!
you do it all! :)
so creative, stylish, just awesome gal!!
smooches :)

patri oliveira said...

So fun!! I love this stuffs!!