Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Almost Time Kids...

Fer muh Birfaday!!! Yay. I'm gonna be the big TWO FIVE. Whoooooo. I can't believe it. Good things this year. Good Good things, I can feel it. Mmmmmm.

So can you guess what else it is besides my birthday?

It's my freaking blogs birthday/anniversary. I can't believe I've done this crap for a year. Woop Woop. Holla. I'm rocking. HaHaHa NOT!

Anyways all this funness calls for a celebration.
That's right you heard it first hear...

I'm gonna do a give away! I'm thinkin' a Mara-May's favorite product KIT!! Okay? So if you saw my entry on The Pub Calls Blog then you know what your in for and you won't wanna miss out.

I'll do a random draw from all the comments posted from now till, mmmmmm, let's say.... Monday.

Happy birthday to Meeeeeeeee... Oh. And my blog. LOL
See ya Monday.
Good Night peeps.


*~*Amber*~* said...

girl... I messaged you on Myspace... I totally am down for a swizap! And.. the give away... Im bout it bout it! haha Pick me chickita!! Woo Hoo... Yeah for March Birthdays!! Think thats why I should win too.. b/c we share the same b-day month! haha And... I love ur stuff!! xoxo

Vee said...

happy birrrrthday girl!!!
I hope you have the best day ever!!!
and happy bolg birthdat too:) :)
lova ya

scrapbook911 said...

Wow your stuff. Your adrienne jack is right on - amazing! Happy Birthday, too. I can't believe I am just now coming across your blog...I will return. It's so fun! Keep it up!!

Happay said...

you are so cute! maybe I'll have my baby on your birthday ;)

Happy Birthday!!!

tammy kay said...

Okay. Put my name in that hat as well. Love your stuff and I know that I would freak out over that kit.
Happy Birthday Girl.
Happy year ahead to you.

tammy kay said...

Okay. Put my name in that hat as well. Love your stuff and I know that I would freak out over that kit.
Happy Birthday Girl.
Happy year ahead to you.

Julie said...

You have one rocking blog girl. I know you from elsewhere,but saw you had a blog and had to check it out. Awesome work as usual.Keep up the great scrapping

staceyfike said...

happy happy birth/blogday!!!!
i hope it's great!!!

Vivi said...

I feel luckyyyyy...haha!!
Happy birthday to you and your blog:)

~ms318i~ said...

well happy birthday for yesterday ! well it is sunday here already lol hee hee

seriously, happy birthday for TODAY over there in the states ! the LITTLE 25's eh? lol i think i remember those days, many moons ago ! lol

i'm sure you are having the bestest day ! have a drink for me !!!!!!

big big hugs from your aussie friends !!!!!!

you don't look a day over 18 !

Vee said...

made you a card chica
check out my blog
and email your adressy!!
hope you have a fab day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara... you are too cute. love those photos... happy birthday (25.... awww that's a good one!) ;) Have a great one... and I hope you have a HUGE piece of cake ;)


zahra said...

Happy birthday May-belline! I can't believe you're only 25! And your wee little blog is already a year old. Time sure does fly - I think I started mine soon after you got yours!

I'm sorry I haven't mailed out your package yet, but I'm working on it. You'll see why it's taking so long once you receive it ;)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend. Can't wait to hear what you did to celebrate. And photos, ofcourse!


sohpiasmom said...

I guess we have something in common...I'm turning 25 in April! Hope you have an awesome birthday and I love your blog!

kat said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! love your work.


Anonymous said...

happy birhtday!! hope you have lots of fun!
greetings tanja

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I just love your pictures :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love your pictures and your style. And only 25 years young too!