Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy March!!!

March is my favorite month out of the year. Why? Because it's my very own holiday where people who love me celebrate me.
My Birthday.
AKA Mara Day. ;)
As much as I hate getting older I LOVE my birthday. I get to eat where I want and everyone has to come. lol I get to eat cake. I wake up to presents. All day the phone rings for ME. And at the end of the day my stomach is full and my heart is ringing. Who doesn't love this stuff?

So to start the month of right I scraped two pages. Yup count 'em two. This NEVER happens. EVER.

And what's funny...
They are two completely different styles. LMBO
Okay so here they are first one is of my Lali. Second on Effer Dare #59 .

Oh. Oh. And what is that I see? A little bit of BamPopness and Color It snuck onto both of these pages. :) Heh. Yeah. That's right. I bought those BamPop stamp. What did you think?

Loving me some scrapping madness around here. Ahhh..... Feels so good. I love when the ideas just keep coming! Bring it on baybay.

Okay, well it's off to lala-land for me, going to Timmy's school tomorrow. Gotta get some rest before the attack of energetic midgets comes. :)

P.S. I can't wait for my Tickled Pink Kit to come!!!


Vee said...

love birthdays too!!
both layouts are gorgeous!!
the bp stmap is so cute
love the little round bird;)
have a great weekend!

Marie said...

Very cute! I surfed on in and saw u are a cali girl also! Woot! I live in stockton. Maybe someday we can crop together!

~ms318i~ said...

mara...............2 words.......FRIKKEN AWESOME

you leave me speachless......hats all i am going to say ! lol

love ya girl

Jeanyjo said...

Oh Mara I loove your Layouts girl You rock