Tuesday, March 13, 2007

20 Things...

That I am either thankful for or just make me smile...

Stacey Fike (who by the way is sucha bomb scrapper) had recently done this and I thought it was an awesome idea and vowed to do it too!

So here they are in total random order...

1. My Nikon

2. Cell Phones

3. Scrapbooking

4. Timmy

5. My awesome Hubby


7. Acrylic Nails :)

8. Pedicures

9. Spring

10. My Car

11. Chipotle Mexican Grill

12. The ability to create

13. Cuteness

14. Slip on shoes

15. My Big Comfy Bed (ahhhh)

16. Old Friends

17. New Friends :)

18. Lip Gloss

19. Turning 25

20. Family

Now get to your blog and do it too! Go on... GET!

Okay so I wanna take the time out for a few things I have been meaning to do...

I'll start with Celia...

A while back we had done a foto swap. Well I got my page yesterday and OMGosh. It's soooo gorgeous. More so IRL. She not only sent me my layout, but also some yumminess. So I want to say THANK YOU CELIA SO MUCH!!! You rock my dear!!!

If you didn't see the layout here it is...


I just wanna say how freaking happy Miss Vee makes me. She ALWAYS comments on my blogs. EVERY SINGLE one. Thank you so much dear. I love reading your comments. You are so sweet. Mmmmmmm.
BTW Vee is guest designing over at Your Story and her style is off da hook peeps. Ya gotta check her out. Here's her blog Creative Blessing make sure you stop in. :)

So yeah no layout to post today, but trust me you will love what I am working on. Just a ME project. I'll share a picture just for fun.

Thanks for stopping by again. See ya'll soon.



staceyfike said...

love your 20...doesn't it make you feel better about everything???
glad you love 25, it was the worst for me
totally with you on slip-ons and big comfy beds!!!!
love your photog skilz and that groovy lil skull charm
lurve the vee and all of her comment love!!!

ohhh...and love the chipolte props...we always see these when we travel and we wondered if we should stop in...now we will!!!!

~ms318i~ said...

hey mara............i have to get my 'mara fix' everyday.........i come by and check whats new.........and love seeing your pics........and especially your work.....

and i love the page celia did........it's gorgeous !

*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl.. ur 20 rocks!! Gotta do that! And... I love Vee too! She totally made me a b-day card! Love that girl! Well I love love that pic w/ur jewels! Gosh... so fun! And that Layout... DA BOMB! I wanna do a swap w/you!! xoxo

tanja said...

hi there i accidently surft by , but i will soon return, because i love youre colorful layouts and stuff!
greeting s Tanja

Vee said...

awesome 20 girlie
and thanks for the love!!! :) :)
i am off to do one on my blog
and love your jewelry too, beautiful colors :)
have a great day!! :)

Happay said...

great list!
I love the LO too. is that the same necklace as in the other photo?

Josh said...

Hello Mara...

I am Amber's Hubby....Saw you on her comments thought I would check your blog out. Love the 20!

I had a break between studying.

By the way love the little Punk Rock pic!
Have a great nite.


Laurie said...

hey girl!! love your 20...i must do this! can't wait to see your punk rock gig man!!!! your a tease!! lol..

Anne Thompson said...

Fun 20! Your layout is awesome, so colorful and cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey mara... ok... that was such a fun blog you did... lol.. way too cute! and... uh... missed ya on msn the other day... sorry.... but ... dude, those are totally the beads that I was asking you about... the ones in the pic! pls send me details.. maybe we can catch up on msn sometime ;)

cheers, jann.

Vivi said...

I just *have* to say I looooove your work!! It inspires me a lot :)