Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I think I might be obsessed.

Latest addiction: Color It Buttons and Bam Pop
I can't stop using these things on my pages. And I sure as heck can't get enough of them. I heart them soooo much. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Here's a page of my niece Natalie (aka Lali). I adore this child. She is gorgeous and so so lovable and just happy all the time. Sucha good little princess she is. And she has uncle Tim right in her witty bitty 5 month old palm. :) I love seeing him ga-ga over this little girl. She is definitely auntie May and uncle Tim's fave. Awwweeeeee.

Can you believe I whipped this baby up? Does it even look like my work? It's so soft and simple and and and I just love it to bits.

Makes me happy when I finish a page and just "smile".

Kay well that's all from me tonight.
Love ya laters~


Vee said...

love it!!
the colors are beautiful!!

Sherri said...

love it! not your normal but I love it!! the color it buttons are awesome!!

tammy kay said...

yep I love it. It is breathtaking. Sometimes going out of your usual colors feels good. At least it does to me. It makes me feel a little less intimidated by the colors that I don't normally use. Make sense? Awesome layout. and I am so ready to hear your news.
oh and I want to do a swap with you one day. Need some new pictures though. It could be fun, right?

~ms318i~ said...

she is adorable................as is the layout !

soft suits you too........must feel weird doing girly pages after master timmy's